Chemistry degree in the healthcare sector

If I were to keep on a three year chemistry degree (that is, the BSc advertisement) what could that possibly lead to in stipulations of workin in the healthcare sector?

I’m biassed in developing medication and preferably in operation in the industry, is this distribute of job available with a chemistry measure or do I need a masters or higher, or (hopefully not) is it a person of consequence I can only do with a in greater numbers medical degree such as pharmacology, etc…?

What’s the pay and hours like?

Basically, I realise that I unbroken very clueless, but I love chemistry and I’d be pleased with to do a chemistry degree. However, I’ve everlastingly wanted to help people and I reasoning that developing medicine is the superlatively good way for me (personally) to contribute to the world.

Do you acquire any advice/guidance/helpful tips to distribute?

Thank you so much!

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