Call for Duterte, Followers to Rationalization

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Photo from Philippine Daily Inquirer.
I accept been very active in social media recently, both in Facebook and Twitter, fit to the campaigns that I require launched aiming to push for responsible and performance-based preference voting. And I would not renounce that part of it is to aid certain political figures and parties who I be persuaded are competitive enough to further send the growth and development of the Philippines from 2016 on that. In a previous article, I before that time admitted my bias towards Mar Roxas in the confidence of his credentials and full put confidence in on what he can do in the time to come as president. By doing so, I gain already expected to gain much mindfulness especially from those coming on diverse partisan camps. Indeed, I am not erroneous as my campaigns received different commentaries, the pair positive and negative, from people approach from different walks of life. However, individual of the most active and easily identifiable are those supporting presidential competitor Rodrigo Duterte. The number of canaille commenting their patronage to the resting Davao Mayor is pretty overwhelming and undeniably astounding, compelling me to turn off notifications up~ the body my own posts because of strained flooding on my account’s notice board.

I am not saying that the color of backing of many Filipinos to Duterte is depressing. In fact, I find it very commendable because at the very least, it is a concrete manifestation that crowd citizens remain to be greatly concerned through regards to socio-political issues viewed like great as the upcoming elections. This furthermore goes to show how democracy is faithfully alive in this nation, having folks control their own land and choice expressed out their personal and in extent opinions. However, I am totally alarmed having observed that amid thousands of comments generated, great full age of it are simply useless and silly memes, picture comments, or trash talks that are not so much as factual nor intellectual.

Let me give you certain instances. I shared my sentiments forward various groups across Facebook on the inner part competencies of Roxas as a solicitant enumerating his achievements as cabinet head, congressman, and senator. Being the Richmond I am who inclination discussions and deliberations, I was obviously expecting populate to read the article and receive them base their comments from the sort of was put up in there. Well, you force have guessed it right. Instead of receiving rational and academically approached sentiments, whole I received where hate speeches like “bobo,” “tanga,” and “bulag” as being supporting the administration’s bet. Many argued that my citing were delusive when I even cross-checked wholly of them with the official Senate documents. Surprisingly, more even thought that what I published were rightful promises of Roxas even if I made it unambiguous that those are the accomplishments of the creator senator. A lot of people swayed absent from the claims commenting about wanting Yolanda funds (which are not proven to have ~ing pocketed by Roxas or Aquino at at all extent) or Roxas’ looks as he was aiding traffic to ease the congestion of cars.

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After Duterte claimed that Roxas’ remove for economics in Wharton was fake, I made a mention strongly opposing Duterte not because I am a comforter of Roxas but because my stance was a issue of intellectual and critical analysis. While it is steady that Former Senator Roxas did not take a masteral’s degree and technically did not enter the recipient school, he remains to have the appropriate to be called a “graduate” as he finished a bachelor’s rank and that the term “graduate” is used in that words immediately preceding. To make it more comprehensible, I steady gave an example: when you close a four- or five- year run after in college, you don’t speak to yourself “umandergraduate na ako (I undergraduated)” goal rather you say “gumraduate na ako (I graduated before that time).” Nevertheless, the supporters of the of ill repute mayor insisted on a rather shallower outline that Roxas was a faker by reason of saying he graduated without a unobstructed grounding nor any basis of key aside from the viral photos catching up the issue from another context clearly apart from what is root really discussed.

In a more newly come news, Duterte exclaimed that he wanted Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry remote from the official curriculum because he believes they are unnecessary and not useful in practical life. I tried to debunk his model by explaining that these branches of mathematics are real useful since they are used in navigation, oceanography, structural measurements, calculation of structural load, calculation of roof slopes, seismology, statistics, cartography, calculation of region surfaces, calculation of angles of elevation, calculation of angles of depression, astronomy, of the eye perception, optics, pharmacology, calculation of areas and volumes, frivolous, sound, and other waves, calculation of rate of motion, calculation of acceleration, electronics, machining, of the healing art imaging, ballistics, and many others (yea, it’s that long because I lack to emphasize the gravity of its weight).

If we are aiming for a developed Philippines ~ means of the end of his term, we cannot settle instead of mediocre educational curriculum. We want a further critical and intellectual citizenry to equitable empower Filipinos more in the competing global landscape. Many actually commented in conformity to what I have posted and unruffled went beyond by relating its significance on economics and other related stuffs. I likewise value some of the comments that, despite criticizing my claims, are highly constructive in ways that try to give better suggestions in building a with greater advantage academic prospectus. However, still many Duterte followers commented absent from what I was trying to station at and instead opened up in all parts of DOTA and other unrelated propaganda. I was left through a mixed reaction of “to what degree is this even related to the kind of I am saying?”

At the expiration of the day, this what I am urging Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, his supporters, and the unmingled Filipino nation: level up. Duterte cannot alone make remarks that are not well consideration and organized especially that he is running on the side of the topmost position in the fatherland. He needs to be highly rational by his stances and not push during advocacies such as killing people to hinder criminality or omission of certain math branches. If he continues these, the next thing we know is us going back to the caves. We poverty to change the game by campaigning plain platforms that aim for a well-developed and competing Philippines and not by the pasiga movables and trash talking that has nought to do with our growth and completion as citizens. Perhaps, Roxas is suitable in saying that the Filipino persons deserve something better than this.

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