Boring Busy Blog Break

So this week has been verily boring. . 

H A   J U S T   K I D D I N G !

Between running in and uncovered of the hospital and getting paid to somebody at work with my friends, this week has been fine eventful – on top of that, I regard been eating too much sugary substances, not tippling enough of coffee, sleeping too much {and am still tired}, and slacking in my exercising. It has been absolutely hard to say no to the whole of my grandma’s goodies, but the sort of else am I supposed to observe? It’s read my pharmacology volume or eat myself into a pre-diabetic position.

This past Sunday was my in the beginning CFA Christmas party.  I get been employed long enough for this to accept been my second CFA Christmas participator, but I was unable to keep company with last year’s because of other labor obligations.  I was sad at the time my sister refused to come through me because she had to ‘study’ towards her ‘chemistry final,’ but you know, it’s whatever {sarcasm}. 

*     *     *

M o n d a y  was exhausted shadowing at the hospital.  Later in the day, I was blessed with an email from denomination which drove me into premature apprehension syndrome, PAS. Four days after my Fall 2015 semester was successfully completed, an email was sent from the nursing program letting kicking us into Spring 2016 semester quality.  Of course, I am obliged for the ability to have a intellect start on next semester, but I be in want of some time to breathe – to not subsist required to think and just have ~ing a lazy vegetable/couch potato {time trying not to get fat}.  Nonetheless, my books against next semester have been purchased and I should subsist able to start studying in the next few days – you know, the nursing institute #norm.  I mean, it’s not like I require a life or anything {I am substance so serious – in a semi-mordacious, joking way}; (i.e.) on W e d n e s d a y ‘s hospital shadowing, my schoolmaster. asked what my hobbies were, which seriously made me have to deem.  I mean, for the by 6+ months my hobby has been passionately dedicating every spare moment to exceeding in denomination; other than going to the gym and moving, my social life is non-existent; I absolutely don’t have time to confer the other stuff I love, like penmanship and being crafty.  I venture to say you could say my current hobbies are blogging, eating, drinking coffee, and sleeping – what a life! 

Test your nursing notice : Getting ready for the NCLEX

What is the antidote for heparin overdose?

a. Vitamin K

b. Protamine Sulfate

c. Pantoprazole (Protonix)

d. Atropine Sulfate

*     *     *

It is lofty to be able to gain experiences what one. can lead you to your denoting futurity.  This past week I was happy with the opportunity to shadow at the hospital up~ the body my own time; these are hours not required as antidote to school, rather for me to bring over a visual nursing experience and an understanding of what I do and accomplish not want to do with my nursing sweep.  

I learned a couple things this week:

1. I be obliged no desire to be a OR nurture or an CRNA (nurse anesthetist).  why? An OR circulating nurse’s work at ~s is to document, retrieve any lost supplies, and participate in the patient hand off to the PACU give suck to; the circulating nurse does not ‘scrub in,’ participating in no hands-on with the actual surgical procedure. On the other talent, the CRNA/anesthesiologist’s job is to offer the patient to sleep and be roused up them up.  The surgeon be able to stick and cut and slice part the patient all day long and I direct not become nauseous; I start cringing when the patient is being intubated and I be turned into tense when I watch the constant come out of anesthesia. I am stable I would become numb to these allowing that it was my everyday job, in whatever degree, I believe that that career bearing is not for me.

2. Reason #2 for what cause I rather not be an OR foster: I want to take care of patients who are awake. I be under the necessity heard many times that taking care of patients in the OR chance is less stressful – the patient is in repose, ‘you don’t have to offer up with them’ and there is no family to get ‘in the path.’ But over the past few months, I be in possession of learned that I enjoy building a rapport with patients.  While shadowing on Thursday, the long-suffering called the nurse over while she was in the room to personally thank her for caring during the term of her.  Although it was a unmingled ‘thank you,’ the patient truly meant it from the feeling, and it almost brought tears to my eyes.  When the quiet and/or the family personally thanks you for the care you be under the necessity supplied the patient, it is thus rewarding – it brings me joy in the same proportion that my heart tells me that I take found the right profession. 

3. Being in the ‘mature world‘ is not going to exist easy.  I am only twenty years ancient, and when I graduate and get to be a practicing nurse, I will have existence twenty-one going on twenty-sum of ~ units.  On top of that, I aspect younger than my younger sister; I reckon upon the same-ole-same-ole “What stage are you in?” and even “Are you decayed enough to be doing what you are doing?” Being a infant. in an adult world isn’t going to exist easy since there aren’t that ~ persons who are willing to talk to someone like me of the same kind with an equal – I am young, that automatically expedient I am less competent than someone older than me, just?!? Getting right out of college I choose have much less experience than most other nurses, doctors, and other freedom from disease professionals, yes, but everyone must institute at the very beginning.  It bequeath be a challenge to hone into my effrontery and my confidence and throw off any anxiety or embarrassment that may reach with being a young nurse, further this is a challenge much integrity the outcome of becoming a supply with nourishment; God will carry me.

4. Confidence is lock opener, and looking up stuff only helps. I skilled from one of my very richness nursing school friends that every time you accept a change, take notes. So for the period of shadowing, I have a pen and a scrap of paper on my and whenever someone talks about something with what one. I am not familiar, I will write it down so I am adroit to look it up when I acquire home. The more knowledge you learn, the easier it is to subsist confident; and the more knowledge gained end clinical experience, the better it exercise volition stick.

5. Smile whenever possible, for the cause that smiles can mean  a l o t . When you smile, it opens up a healthy other realm of attitudes – sincerity.  With a inartificial smile, anyone can conquer the nature. When a nurse communicates with a enduring or a family, facial expressions accomplish more talking than the talking itself, which is why I believe that a smile is character so much.  When someone doesn’t smile, especially someone of a higher condition, such as a nurse, a cherish manager, a doctor, administration. . when they dress in’t smile to me or try to act like they honestly care, I receive a opposing vibe, one of a high subject and little compassion.  Humility and kind-heartedness are essential in the healthcare department whether that be a housekeeper or a MD. When I esteem a MD who is sincere and enjoys agitation part in educating me, I be perceived honored to be in his/her vicinity and can give him/her the particular that he/she truly deserves.  When someone is formal to me, a pipsqueak on the totem rod of healthcare professionals, I am honestly thankful and can return the guilelessness, which fills my heart with happiness. 

6. Stop and enjoy life a weak. I am the type of person who is continually go-go-go and any ‘into disgrace time’ irks me to no cessation. So, as you could have guessed, educate breaks, although much needed, can irk me to the question to where I push myself to not bear a break; meaning, I find ways to prolong my ‘100-mile an hour’ determined go-go-go-ness personality.  This past week, I was able to rest down and chill, forcing myself to have existence a lazy couch potato and take delight in it. Doing stuff just for the gayety of it while spending time by dearly loved souls make those lazy moments worth it all.

7. Live in the consequence. Moments are oh so precious; the individual you are living right now direction never come back to you. God himself wants us to live in the twinkling; if we are stuck in the farther than, we can relive our mistakes and our misfortunes athwart and over, in which our gone rules over our present and with~ future; if we are stuck in the futurity, anxiety and worry blocks our hearts and minds from manner of life in the now.  I comprehend somewhere that God has given us time in which to live because if our lives were given to us in any single moment, it would be totality too overwhelming.  It is wonderful to see life unfold one recess at a time – it is miraculous to see what God can be sufficient with broken pieces. Love like you get never been hurt. Live like today is your utmost day.  Work like money doesn’t body. Dance and sing like no human being is watching. What really matters? What is the judgment behind living, breathing, getting up in the early part of the day and doing a day all from one to another again? Find the true reason with regard to the season and dedicate your life to the purpose of helping others discover the reason for living. 

*     *     *

Keep your week {and situation} Merry and Bright! 

Christmas {and sickly food} is right around the angle, so make sure you stock up on gym time.

And btw -I totally made up the well Premature Anxiety Syndrome. Would be with equal rea~n surprised if there actually was of the like kind a thing.

ANSWER: What is the remedy for heparin overdose? 

b. Protamine Sulfate (1%) is administered past a period of time to lay an embargo on heparin-induced bleeding.

*     *     *

P s a l m   9 5 : 1 – 3 

Come, obstruction us sing for joy to the LORD; permit us shout aloud to the Rock of our deliverance. Let us come before him by thanksgiving and extol him with minstrelsy and song. For the LORD is the hard God, the great King above every part of gods.

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