Malcolm Knowles introduced the dub “andragogy” to North America, defining it since “the art and science of helping adults learn.” Andragogy is based put ~ five assumptions—about how adults learn and their condition towards and motivation for learning.

Andragogy—five assumptions from one place to another adult learning

Adults are independent and self directing

They take accumulated a great deal of experience, which is a rich resource towards learning

They value learning that integrates with the demands of their everyday life

They are more interested in immediate, problem centred approaches than in subject centred ones

They are greater degree motivated to learn by internal drives than ~ means of external ones

Most theorists agree that andragogy is not actually a theory of adult learning, no more than they regard Knowles’ principles as guidelines adhering how to teach learners who take care of to be at least somewhat unconventional and self directed.  

His principles be possible to be summarised as follows:

Establish some effective learning climate, where learners feel trusty and comfortable expressing themselves

Involve learners in mutual planning of relevant methods and curricular satisfaction

Involve learners in diagnosing their have a title to needs—this will help to trigger inward motivation.

Encourage learners to formulate their admit learning objectives—this gives them other thing control of their learning

Encourage learners to regard as one resources and devise strategies for using the resources to achieve their objectives

Support learners in carrying away their learning plans

Involve learners in evaluating their concede learning—this can develop their skills of dangerous reflection.

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