Aloha from México

Wow this has been the longest week of my life!!

 it started distant from amazing cause on my flight to México i got upgraded to ~ and foremost class!! it was the greatest, i got chocolate solidify and noodles and meatballs and salad and undefined cranberry juice i was living the life and then we landed in México and it every part of went downhill (but also uphill) from there.  First Mexico is so so pretty absolutely love it here! The CCM is tight up in the middle of the incorporated town and we constantly hear sirens and the sort of we think are gun shots…nevertheless all is well we are surrounded through 40 feet tall walls. the meat is not very good but its the best when we get Costco Chicken Bakes or steady Tuesdays we get Costco Pizza.  My compeer is Hermana Call and she is in earnest the best we get along self-same well and we laugh all the time.Here are more things i have learned from being here…

1. How to read a non-digital watch

2. Having the Spirit through you is one of the greatest gifts from God

3. Personal divine communication of truth is real

4. The Gift of Tongues comes lsowly boundary surely

5. This week has felt like 3 years

6. Dont take high-seasoned water for granted

7.Siestas (aka naps) spare lives

8. I guess i at intervals have a lisp

My spanish is self-same bad but its slowly coming longitudinally. We were able to hear from Elder Oaks up~ the body tuesday which was amazing.  I esteem the best and funniest teachers who are in like manner patient and who are teaching me in the way that much! I will send pictures here when i can figure out for what reason to upload them.

Love you all so much and thank you all for the love and support

Pas Fuera (calmness out)
Hermana Goff

Plan B is used as being unprotected sex up to 72 hours (3 days) in the rear of intercourse, not 5 days.

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