1 Semester Down!

Hey guys in such a manner I am finally getting around to blogging another time since I am on winter transgress. It was a CRAZY first semester of Nursing School in the same manner I feel like I had in ~ degree time to be blogging which makes me deplorable, so I hope that in the advent semesters I will be able to blog some more. Anyways, this semester I had four classes – Health Assessment, Pharmacology, Nursing Foundations, & Therapeutic Communication and Informatics…although the classes were distressfully I am pleasantly surprised with the grades I perfect with. The pressure of passing each class is enormous. In order to be deemed you must receive a minimum of 76% in one and the other class, pass all your benchmarks not above 3 attempts, AND on top of that every one of your exam grades must average on high 76% as well. The stress builds with each exam because the content builds forward itself even if the exams aren’t cumulative (except for the final). The exams are aggregate NCLEX style questions to prepare us, likewise for the most part every rejoin in the question is correct end it is up to you to critically design and determine the BEST answer. Regardless of in what state difficult the first semester was I be wrought up like I was a sponge absorbing in this way much information! We learned the chronicle of nursing, how to communicate by patients & their families appropriately, for what reason to do a full head-to-toe rate, how to administer drugs on most honorable position of everything associated with the drugs themselves. AND that is in fact just scratching the surface. By the usage, I couldn’t do it by my AMAZING cohort, so shout completely to them!

More than anything besides this semester I learned what it truly means to be a nurse and what it takes to be a foment. Each day, regardless of the stress, I was humbled by the suitable to study nursing. Not everyone gets the luck to do what I am doing proper now and I can’t put faith in that in just a short year I wish be graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and seizing the NCLEX to become an RN. That is crazy! For my latest assignment in Nursing Foundations I was supposed to exercise some artistic method to explain which nursing is to me. So of turn I used dance to express that. I wrote a poem in which I titled “Who am I?”, urge it to  music and created a caper. You can watch the video in the present state. Comment/share and let me be assured of what you think!

xoxo Maddison

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, advice release, Jan.

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