Contralateral signs :  are associated with lesions in the posterior frontal kitchen-yard (motor) or anterior parietal lobe (sensory)

Lesions in the in the ascendant hemisphere: Aphasia

Lesions in the non pre~ hemisphere: Apraxia

Temporal lobe lesions : Focal seizures by auras and visual field defects

Frontal lobe lesions : Altered cognitive functioning and cunning personality changes

Subfrontal lesions : Anosmia

Sellar and Parasellar lesions: Visual province and Acuity problems , hypopituitarism, oversecretion syndromes (Cushing Syndrome, Acromegaly)

Tumours in account to Ventricular system : Hydrocephalus , Raised ICP

Tumours of the brainstem and cerebellopontine angle : Cranial nerve palsies , long tract signs , delegate hydrocephalus

Lesions of Cerebellar vermis : Truncal ataxia

Lesions in Cerebellar hemisphere: Appendicular signs such as incoordination and nystagmus 


Page :617-618, Bailey and Love’s , SHORT PRACTICE OF SURGERY , 24 th number printed at once

It does so by blocking a chemical that pleasure permit blood to flow out of those tissues.

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