typically affects without more a segment of the hemidiaphragm

is due to incomplete muscularisation of the midriff with a thin membranous sheet replacing the vertical diaphragmatic muscle. 

Over time this district stretches and on inspiration does not abridge normally. 

Sudden rupture can occur by increase in intra-abdominal pressure (e.g. coughing, straining during light anesthesia or extubation etc)

True contention (if it happens)  – Effects

mass efficiency of the abdominal viscera–>instruct compression of the heart, mediastinal shift 

Compression of vena cava and pulmonary veins–> impairs venous return, decreased cordial output. 

So we should aver adequate depth of anaesthesia 

Avoid Nitrous oxide (enlargement of intra-abdominal viscera can harm the circulation and respiration)

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Reference: Anaesthetic Management of some Adult Patient with Diaphragmatic Eventration

Azhar Rehman*, Zafar Ali Mirza, Saad Yousuf and Asma Abdus Salam, radiopaedia.org

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