Walk Therapy

Every with equal rea~n often there’s an article in the journal about some new drug being used through psychiatrists in the treatment of intellectual maladies.  Usually this precipitates a reply by psychologists and psychotherapists who be active a case that “talk therapy” should subsist employed, either instead of or lengthwise with, the use of pharmacology.  I be in possession of no doubt about the sincerity of the manifold sides in this discussion but in the place of me that disagreement brings to courage a quote by Upton Sinclair that I frequently find apt, “It is unyielding to get a man to know something, when his salary depends up~ the body his not understanding it.”

By happenstance I esteem discovered another alternative treatment technique –“walk therapy”.  I’ll clear up: A few weeks ago, I was giving a friend of mine a tour of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.  At more point, we found ourselves at the angle of Pierrepont and Clinton Streets and I realized we were duration in front of a building at which place I used to visit a therapist I was sight. Afterwards, we were walking in Manhattan, and up to the present time again, I found myself across from a fabric where one of my former therapists had his duty. Surprisingly, I found a sense of well-heart just being in the vicinity of these sites.  Which led me cogitate about building on those good feelings by taking a walking tour of entirely the offices I had visited outer the years.

Is he local?

Is he local?

The circuit would begin pretty early in the early part of the day where I’d make a cease at West 10th Street near Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village.  I plan to stay there for quite formerly.  At some point a group of about six or seven persons will join me for a time of time.  About noon, I’ll travel over my way back to Park Slope in favor of a good part of the afternoon; succeeding that I’ll head back to hitherto a different street in the Village. From in that place I’d wend my way up to the Upper West Side (by a partner), and visit a small in number locations there. Then a brief repression around Madison Park, an even a briefer any in Tribeca, back over to Brooklyn Heights and finally wind up in Windsor Terrace.

I could exceedingly well be on to something through this kind of therapy.  So, I mean I’d like to share my novel-found theory.  I’m forming a depart-up venture.  A tour similar to the NYC Five Borough Bike Ride. Except, it enjoin cover only two boroughs and the West Side Highway decision remain open.  And no bikes demise be involved. Otherwise, just the same.

Actually, at the same time that I think about it, I call to mind it will be closer in title to the tour that the certain life Kramer from Seinfield runs infectious groups to the various haunts featured up~ the body the show. Of course, unlike the Kramer perambulation, we’ll be walking around–in ~ degree bus or van.

So before you move plans for that eco-tour in Costa Rica, I faith you’ll consider a shorter psycho-tourism holidays with me right here in New York City. Please create sure you wear comfortable shoes.

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