Update from Barcelona on the EACPT

The EACPT Executive Committee is collection of people in Barcelona from 27th – 28th

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

November to lay out for future activities including its nearest Focus Meeting to be held in Opatija in Croatia from 6th – 9th October 2016 and the 13th biennial Congress of the EACPT, to have ~ing held in Prague, Czech Republic in June 2017. 

The subject of the October 2016 EACPT Focus Meeting is “How to Assess Medicines from Research to Clinical Practice? Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Economic – 3E Assessment”. The force objectives of this Focus Meeting are to increase awareness, cognizance and use of critical assessment pillars as being medicinal products in everyday clinical acting out in order to improve healthcare outcomes in affordable behavior. 

The Prague EACPT Congress in 2017 last ~ and testament provide an international educational forum on account of discussion of the latest developments put ~ effectiveness and safety of medicines, clinical pharmacology in clinical actual performance, innovative techniques, and advanced practices in topics so as drug discovery, drug development, reinvigorated pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, safety in prescribing and updates steady personalised medicines. Reviews and commentaries from the Congress determination be published in the EACPT Official Journal – Clinical Therapeutics.


There desire also be reports on interaction with other professional organisations and societies, including the European Medicines Agency, IUPHAR (the International Union of Pharmacology) and EPHAR (the European Federation of Pharmacology Societies) and ~y update on interactions with Clinical Therapeutics, the Official Journal of EACPT.

The 2019 EACPT Congress behest be held in Stockholm and the 2021 EACPT Congress in Athens. 

The in conclusion EACPT Congress was held in June 2015 in Madrid in what place over 500 abstracts were presented to the degree that e-posters and 54 oral presentations.

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