I made it! I proficient my Certificate in General Studies at the period of last week. I must tell I am glad not to have ~ing attached to my laptop every scraggy minute!

I put myself under a small piece of pressure keeping up with my time superintendence schedule but it paid off in the end. I had assignments in ahead of time and was able to do honor to up with all the weekly court of justice posts that needed to be completed. I not only so managed to finished everything with a week up my sleeve!

We be in possession of had results back for our assignments and I be required to admit that I am pretty imperious of myself. Academic Writing = B+, Anatomy and Physiology = A+ and Pharmacology = B. These marks build up a percentage of our overall hunt marks. We are still waiting as being the final results, which I am hoping we greet later this week.

I learnt that I am not skilful when it comes to academic piece but I got the hang of the basics and principles needed to signify on and improve as I compass on my studies. I enjoyed A&P similar to I felt that I had a bettor understanding of it. Pharmacology was like large knowledge a whole new language! At the startle of the course I didn’t apprehend I was ever going to be informed what they were trying to school me. As time went on and that which we were learning began to recite to drugs and medications we application in the ambulance I found things start to make sense finally.

Overall the track was a great introduction to subjects to tend hitherward during the degree papers I power of determination be studying next year! I am joyful that I pushed myself and managed to practise artifice working full time and being a silent and a wife!

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