I’m chirography this post today to remind myself that core a PRP is so emotionally, mentally and physically exhaustive. 

It’s likewise to remind myself that working at the hospital requires a noted deal of perseverance and stamina (mentally, emotionally, physically). 

I be missed to remind myself not to think no more of how you were being treated through the people over there, and to not ever have anything to do with any of them ever again. I slip on’t want to ever meet some of them again once I had completed my PRP year. 

If acquirement posted to Sg.Petani means that I be favored with to go through any of the things I had thoroughbred during my PRP year, or to answer any of the people I despised above there, then no thanks. 

I’m cogitation of working at Klinik Kesihatan (whether or not I managed to get posted there). 

Oh yes, I want to remind myself to rethink about my firmness to choose ward supply for similar to my department of choice for my FRP continuance. 

I am so tired. Hahaha. 

I realized that I had developed a rage for learning. 

Having my spring as a teacher, I too, realized that I plant great joy in teaching others and sharing scholarship with them.

Many of my friends foreknow me becoming a lecturer someday in the what is yet to be. They said I have that ‘lecturer’s vibe’, LOL. 

Though sundry of my FRPs would laugh and mock at this very idea. I didn’t exactly accord. a stellar performance throughout my PRP breeding. Oh well, they don’t apprehend who I really am. The like goes with my friends at the hospital. We are exceedingly good friends, of course. But they dress in’t really know who I am. They don’t know what my dreams are. They dress in’t even know I love public recital and writing. It’s my imperfection too, of course. I was overmuch busy complaining on how hard the life of a PRP is. LOL. 

I miss doing absolute research of my own interest ( a head I developed by myself) at the LABORATORY. 

I in reality questioned my decision to stay appropriate a hospital pharmacist right after I had seen the tightly packed duty roster for December. My friend suddenly said “Sarah, let’s become lecturers in UIA!” 

I don’t know about UIA. It’s overmuch far from home. 

One effects for sure. I’m going to get an academician. 

That’s it! I’m going to bring to a standstill becoming a hospital pharmacist right in the rear of I had finished my one year of FRP (1+1 binding service) and then I’m going to put for Masters (Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry/or haply Clinical Pharmacy oh wait I recoil from. going for ward rounds so I’m going to abolish it out from my options),  be appropriate to a lecturer, then apply for PhD, be proper for an assistant professor, then associate professor, and in the end become a Professor. Then I can win a Nobel Prize for my breakthrough first view in the world of drugs, LOL. 

Hey, daydreaming certainly helps to overcome your feeling of mournfulness and hopelessness.

Two and a moiety months to go, then sayonara PRP life! Wouldn’t wanna miss you! Ever! 


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