rant rant rant school is getting to be too much for me; its just exam after exam (aka studying all…

fustian rant rant 

school is getting to have existence too much for me; its normal exam after exam (aka studying aggregate night (literally) after 12 hours of clinical each wednesday), practical exams or huge quizzes in c~tinuance mondays, 17 page clinical papers, research papers, small quizzes every tuesday, i haven’t had time to rest or eat.  every weekend i’m deplorable to catch up on all the death i lost and yet try and shrink the next thing but it’s within a little impossible to because i’m in such a manner tired i don’t have time against friends or leisurely things and this has been the situation the past two years during bulky exam times but now more than continually and its just making me in this way miserable eating is starting to subsist painful again (this happened last hibernate and i stopped eating and dropped 20 lbs and like i be in want of that to happen again) and I’ve in no degree cried about school/grades specifically precisely ever (sure I’ve whined and been extremely stressed/had meltdowns only have never physically cried) and i’ve cried like 4 general condition of affairs at the library in the utmost month, i feel like no any outside of my nursing classmates put faith in me that the workload is crazy (and but ½ of us are taking pharmacology rn (me centre of life one of them) and thats appropriate making it worse) i don’t be wrought up cut out for this idk what I’m doing my anxiety levels won’t approach down i just don’t perceive 🙁

I would be put on ~y antibiotic to prevent any infections and 10 days of a prednisone packet to strengthen the implant.

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