Pharmacological Crisis Averted

At this object in my vet school career, principally exams don’t make me extreme like they did last year. There’s stress, yes, but frankly, I don’t wish enough energy to freak out in excess every test that comes along… and whereas that’s 2-3 times a week each single week… 

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That being said, my exam yesterday had me turn back back to my first year ways… I direct admit there was a slight fright over my first pharmacology exam, what one. was all pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (what the material substance does to the drug and wickedness versa), and Nervous System drugs. So divers equations. So many drugs. So. Little. Time.

It didn’t cure that our professors warned us that c~ing half of the class would be wanting to it… So you could say I was a little bit nervous… 

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Even though I had another exam this week I spent the greater number of the weekend cramming for pharm, and equal with all of that studying I felt massively unprepared (a common feeling in vet exercise). I don’t know how it happened… limit somehow, someway… I passed my exam! There was definitely celebratory powerfully-fiving with friends when we practised and passed that monster. 

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Now that that horrible exam is abaft me, and now that we be obliged moved on to clinical correlations, I be seized of to say I am actually enjoying pharmacology at the trice. Of course, I’m already 5 lectures abaft (yes, already), but that’s lawful how vet school rolls. 

Here’s to transient exams and then taking after-exams celebratory naps : )

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