1. Prophylaxis  and  handling  of  cerebral  vasospasm  hinder  aneursymal  subarachnoid haemorrhage

 PRESENTATION AND ADMINISTRATION: IV: Nimotop  steeped liquor  solution:  10mg  nimodipine  /  50ml 

Use  and nothing else  infusion  pumps  with  polyethylene  (PE)  infusing  tubing,  polypropylene  (PP) syringes  and  polyethylene  or  polypropylene  extensions,  taps  and  connectors.    Do  not use  polyvinylchloride  (PVC)  macerating  tubing  as  nimodipine  is  absorbed  ~ the agency of  the  tubing. Administer  nimodipine  excellent.    Give  via  a  three-advance  stopcock  with  a  coinfusion  of compatible  IV  liquid and gaseous  in  a  ratio  of  1:4  (nimodipine:  coinfusion).    For  precedent,  an  infusion running  at  10ml/hr  requires  a  co-infusion  of  40ml/hr. Compatible  with  the  following  IV  fluids: 

Normal  salt-spring   

5% dextrose    

Mannitol  10%   

5% albumin 


Protect  from  pane .    Infusion  solution  is  public notice  sensitive.    Do  not  appliance  in  direct  light of heaven. Note:  administration  of  nimodipine  by way of  a  central  cord  is  preferred  at the same time that  nimodipine  causes thrombophlebitis  whenever  administered  peripherally.    If  indispensable,  the  peripheral  path  can be  used  (be it so  administration  via  this  way  is  not  licensed)

 PO: Nimotop  tablets  30mg  (yellow) 

DOSAGE: IV: Commence  steeped liquor  at  1mg/hr  (5ml/hr)  conducive to  two  hours  and  afterwards  increase  to  2mg/hr  (10ml/ hr)  whether  tolerated.    For  patients  who  are  incompetent  to  tolerate  introduction  at  1mg/hr,  break the ice infusion  at  0.5mg/hr  (2.5ml/hr) 

Weaning  from  IV  to  verbal  therapy: Commence  regular  nuncupative  therapy  (see  in the under world).    After  the  foremost  dose  of  nimodipine  is  given, master  infusion  by  1  mL  each  hour  for  5  hours,  for this reason  cease  infusion.    If  the  patient becomes  hypotensive  after  spoken  nimodipine  is  given,  end  the  infusion  closely. Observe  for  neurological  degradation.    If  the  submissive  does  deteriorate  neurologically, stop  weaning  off  IV  nimodipine  and  return  to  full  IV  therapy. 

PO: 60mg  4  frequently  for  21  days;  whether or not  not  tolerated  appropriate  to  hypotension,  try  a  reduced  prescribed portion  of 30mg  4  every hour. 

 DOSAGE  IN  RENAL FAILURE AND  RENAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY:    Dose  being of the kind which  in  normal  renal  performance   

DOSAGE  IN  PAEDIATRICS: 10-15mcg/kg/hr  IV  in the place of  2  hours  soon afterward  10-45mcg/kg/hr

CLINICAL  PHARMACOLOGY: Nimodipine  is  a  calcium  way  blocker 

 CONTRAINDICATIONS: 1. Hypersensitivity  to  nimodipine Nimodipine WARNINGS Nimodipine  be able to  cause  hypotension.    If  hypertensive  therapy  is  existence  pursued  or  the calm  develops  significant  hypotension  for the time of  nimodipine  treatment,  the  drench  should be  reduced  or  nimodipine  should  have existence  withheld. 

PRECAUTIONS General The  metabolism  of  nimodipine  is  decreased  in  patients  with  impaired  hepatic  duty. Such  patients  should  be under the necessity  their  blood  difficulty  and  pulse  be~  monitored  closely  and should  have existence  given  a  reduce  dose.    (usually  50%  of  legitimate  dose) 

IMPORTANT  DRUG  INTERACTIONS  FOR THE  ICU: The  peril  of  hypotension  increases  through  concomitant  administration  of  other antihypertensive  drugs.


Hypotension,  tachycardia,  bradycardia, deranged  liver  duty  tests,  diarrhoea, Headache

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