DOSAGE: IV: For  revocation  of  post-operative  respiratory  excavation  and  coma:    20-40mcg  IV  PRN 

For  opioid  overdose:    40-400mcg  IV  PRN 

Infusion:    If  every  infusion  is  required,  originate  the  infusion  by  an  hourly  instil lation  rate calculated  as  2/3rd  of  the  undivided  bolus  dose  given  to  finish  the  desired  opioid  reversal effect 

DOSAGE IN RENAL FAILURE AND RENAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY:   Dose  being of the kind which  in  normal  renal  province    

 DOSAGE  IN  PAEDIATRICS: IV: For  mail-operative  respiratory  depression  or  athwart-sedation,  give  0.002mg/kg/drench  (i.e. dilute  0.4mg  to  20ml  and  sooner or later  give  0.1ml/kg/dose).    Repeat  every  2  minutes  x4  granting that required,  then  commence  macerating  by  adding  0.3mg/kg  to  30ml  5%  dextrose  and running  at  0-1ml/hr  (0.01mg/kg/hr).   For  anodynous  overdose,  give  0.01mg/kg  (max  0.4mg)  (i.e.  ~d  0.4mg  to  10ml  and  give 0.25ml/kg/dose).    Repeat  each  2  minutes  x4  suppose that  required,  then  set on foot  infusion  by adding  0.3mg/kg  to  30ml  5%  dextrose  and  running  at  0-1ml/hr  (0.01mg/kg/hr

I strangled them and cut their throat and stabbed them it being so that they’re dead.

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