Final Grade D = 74%

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It depends without ceasing what your GPA is. If you’ve a little while ago failed 3 classes, your GPA probably isn’t the best. The manhood of schools will not accept credits from other schools in this way don’t expect the classes you did finish to transfer.

And most schools order only accept students who left their anterior program in good academic standing (i.e., left toward some reason other than failing).

OP, I loathe to pile on the bad news, but, while I would never reply “never,” I would anticipate you volition have a hard time finding not the same nursing program willing to accept you. You may get some luck if some time passes and you are adroit to show other schools that you learn where you went wrong the capital time and what you’ve vouchsafed to address whatever the issues are in regulate to improve your chances of prosperous issue.

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