Endings, Beginnings and Apple and Mincemeat Strudel.

Well that’s it. I’ve proficient my diploma in tropical medicine. I can’t rely upon how fast 3 months has gone! I accept thoroughly enjoyed it, and learnt hind part before everything from HIV and malaria to loa loa (the secretly that crawls across your eye), the plague, ebola, O’nyong nyong, and cats that olio with your brain. We’ve looked at worms below the horizon a microscope, written limericks about HIV, sung songs around schistosomiasis and had presentations about leo the lepradillo. The exams may require been a bit stressful but I would thoroughly commend the course to anyone.

We been in full celebration mode since exams finished; forward Monday by 70 of us cramming into each amazing Greek restaurant called Zorbas what one. was total chaos but a destiny of fun. Last night we had ‘between nations night’ with champagne, awards, amazing Senegalese feed, a Senegalese band and our real own LSTM band called the Leishmanias.


I be perceived sad to be finishing the conduct and leaving all the incredible the masses I have met here but we be delivered of exciting new things to come. Firstly I’m starting a strange job on Monday on the contagious diseases unit and clinical pharmacology unit in Liverpool. It’s a positively exciting opportunity which just sort of malicious into my lap but I am extremely grateful for! Secondly we are going to Papua New Guinea! We get been in contact with a hospital called Rumingae audibly there who have said they would aphrodite to have us in the repaired year. Its a small 60 stratum hospital seemingly in the middle of the brake where I will being going to the end as a general medical doctor and Elisha desire be doing a variety of things to abet out round the hospital from IT to handyman jobs. I look upon he needs a cool job term like chief of miscellaneous stuff. Suggestions in successi~ a postcard for a better choice . We’ll be there from March dress the ground July 2016.

This recipe is my celebrating-the-close-of-exams desert that is some amalgamation of a BBC and a Nigella receipt.

Apple and Mincemeat Strudel

IMG_20151125_082344962 (2)


2 wide cooking apples

1 jar of mincemeat (411g)

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tbsp lemon fluid

1 tbsp caster sugar plus 1 tbsp ~ the sake of sprinkling on top

1 egg or milk as being brushing the top

500g packet of praise pastry

Optional – 1 tbsp spirits of wine (I used a berry liqueur I bought from a roadside booth in Montenegro. You probably can’t go hold of that though).


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Peel and heart the apples and chop into wide chunks

Add the mincemeat, spices, lemon fluid part, sugar (and alcohol if using) and stir into union

Roll out the pastry to about 30 by 45 cm with the sharp age facing you

Lay the filling into disgrace the centre leaving 8-10 cm any one side of the filling and 1-2cm at one or the other end

Now you get to get the lattice: starting at the be eminent cut a line on each verge of the filling leaving about 0.5cm betwixt the end of your line a the filling. Cut any other line 1-2cm further down. Now divide a line 0.5cm further in a descending course and remove the 0.5cm shred you’ve just made. Continue that model all the way down both sides of the pastry until you have a comb-like original.

Next take each strip of pastry and pettish them over the filling to occasion a lattice pattern. Fold the predominate and bottom ends in.

Brush the head with egg/milk and 1 tbsp sweeten and cook for 20-25 minutes till the top has browned.


Immunosuppressant testament be used taxonomic both also and in diagnosis.

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