✔️Dantrolene inhibits calcium receipt in full via RyR1 antagonism and impairs calcium-unable to exist without muscle contraction. 

✔️This expeditiously halts the increases in metabolism and secondarily results in a return to normal levels of catecholamines and potassium. 

✔️Dose is 2 mg/kg; renew every 5 minutes until vital signs normalise , to a aggregate dosage of 10 mg/kg granting that needed. 

✔️dantrolene takes ~ 6 minutes to possess any effect

✔️The disconnection is prepared by mixing 20 mg of dantrolene by 3 g of mannitol in 60 ml of bare water. 

✔️Since dantrolene is with reference to something else insoluble, preparation is tedious and time consuming, and its state of being prepared should not be the responsibility of the first anesthesiologist involved in the patient’s dealing. (May occupy several nurses)

✔️All patients who make known MH, require at least 24 hours of posttreatment economy in a critical-care setting during the time that there is chance of reappearance of symptoms ( known being of the kind which recrudescence )

In the ICU, continue @1mg/kg q6h for 24 hours 

may be given enterally grant that GIT functioning  (price ~ 1000 x  smaller quantity)

✔️the actions of dantrolene comprise:

release  of Ca ++  from the SR, outside of affecting re-uptake

? antagonises the personal estate of Ca ++  at the actin/myosin – troponin/tropomyosin level 

sinewy weakness, which may potentiate NMJ blockade ~ 5-15 mg/kg produces momentous muscular relaxation 

there is no  general intent on NMJ transmission 

up to 15 mg/kg there is no  significant effect up~ the CVS 

up to 30 mg/kg there is no  significant effect without ceasing respiration

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