Brand-Name Drugs Increase Cost—But Not Patient Satisfaction

Brand-Name Drugs Increase Cost—But Not Patient Satisfaction

In newly come days, presidential candidates and even the American Medical Association accept griped about rising drug prices, pointing to grade-name blockbusters with splashy ad campaigns.

When it comes to sufferer satisfaction, however, there isn’t much difference between brands and generics, according to given conditions collected by the website Iodine, that is building a repository of user reviews put ~ drugs.

ProPublica has teamed up through Iodine, which launched last year, to count up data from reviews to our Prescriber Checkuptool, what one. allows users to see their doctors’ prescribing habits in the Medicare Part D program and bear a comparison them with others in the same specialty and state. Our drug pages (take, on account of example, the antipsychotic Abilify) will things being so include consumers’ user reviews, usage statistics by state and a listing of the most prominent one prescribers in the country.


“What is it in truth. like to take these medications?” asked Thomas Goetz, Iodine’s co-establisher and chief executive. “That is the nub of that which we’re trying to measure…The incident that a drug is a kind drug or a generic drug, against us, is immaterial to the resigned experience.”

ProPublica compared the reviews of brands and generics in three remedy categories: antipsychotic medications that treat schizophrenia, antidepressants, and drugs that debase cholesterol. Iodine asks people if a mix with ~s is worth it, whether it’s a hassle to take and suppose that it works well. For each predicament of drug, a generic scored beyond all others on each of the three questions.

Dr. Joseph Ross, every associate professor of medicine and a health policy researcher at Yale University School of Medicine, said he wasn’t surprised that constant reviews of generic and brand-name medications were similar.

Generic medications are manufactured to have existence equivalent in all ways (except appearances) to mark -name medications,” he said in an e-mail. “Unfortunately, many patients and physicians are convinced to part with more and use the brand-give an appellation to medication by marketing initiatives, including advertisements attached the television or drug coupons that pledge similar out-of-pocket expenses beneficial to the higher-cost brand-name medications.”

Consider antidepressants. Most drugs in the rank, including Prozac, Celexa and Zoloft, are at once available as generics and cost below $20 for 30 pills at Costco. By comparative estimate, the brand-name drug Pristiq, manufactured ~ means of Pfizer, has a cash price of in an opposite direction $283 for 30 pills. (Those by insurance pay less, but probably to this time more than for a generic.) Pristiq fares worse in enjoyment than many of the cheaper alternatives.

Pfizer prolocutor MacKay Jimeson said that depression manifests itself differently in contrasted people, meaning treatment effectiveness may exchange, too.

“Patients should work by their doctors to determine whether to exercise an antidepressant and, if so, which type of medication might be with most propriety for them,” he said in some e-mail. “Any treatment of dimple or anxiety disorders, whether it’s medication or otherwise, must be monitored carefully by a limited health care professional.”

A uniform phenomenon plays out for cholesterolthreatening drugs, known as statins. Zocorand Lipitor are at this moment available as generics and are inexpensive. The mix with ~s Crestor, made by AstraZeneca, continues to hold patent protection and costs more than $230 with regard to 30 pillsat Costco. (Again, insurance discounts would be clouded that price.) Crestor’s user content score was about the same like the generic alternatives.

AstraZeneca spokeswoman Michele Meixell related not all statins are alike. “The force and safety of Crestor has been learned in more than 120 ongoing [or] completed trials and again than 67,000 patients worldwide c~ing the past 13 years,” she declared in an e-mail. “Crestor is the same of the two high intensity statins available and AstraZeneca believes it’s a clinically of importance option for many patients, who are impotent to reach their cholesterol goal by diet and exercise alone.”

Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca remarkable that patients can receive discounts from the concourse.

Some drugs have many more Iodine reviews than others, which may affect the results. All told, Goetz said Iodine has reviews from more than 100,000 Americans cover the approximately 500 drugs in its database.

Goetz reported he doesn’t know why generics at intervals have higher satisfaction than brand-designation drugs, but he offered one scheme. “People might have outsize expectations with a view to what a heavily marketed drug is going to act for them,” he said. “They may watch the commercials and deem that any given drug is going to exist the answer to all their problems. And the substantialness of medicine and the reality of pharmacology is that each drug has some benefits for more people and some side effects for some people, and that’s the whole balance.”

Generics may have some other advantage over newly launched drugs in the similar class. By definition, a generic has been up~ the market a long time, in such a manner doctors know how it works, and in ~ degree major problems or side effects would have already surfaced. By comparison, the studies that contribute assistance brand-name drugs win approval may not regard picked up safety problems or take ~s effects that, while uncommon, can show an issue once a medicine is taken widely.

Questions round cost and quality are likely to make intense. This week, the AMA called because a ban on direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs and medical devices. AMA board chair-elect Patrice A. Harris cited “concerns amid physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions, and the role that marketing costs take a part in fueling escalating drug prices.”

Ross, the Yale researcher, afore~ eventually the costs of brand-call by ~ medications “will catch up by us, either in the form of higher in a puzzle-of-pocket payments once the coupons lie out or higher health insurance premium costs.”

And, he added, “honest because something is more expensive in freedom from disease care does not mean it works superior or is safer.”

This bind first appeared on ProPublica and is republished to this place under Creative Commons license.

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