Biochemistry and Pharmacology Personal Statement

A documentary adhering the bbc about the nature of baneful animals, including the poison dart frog, has left me engrossed into science of poisons. The dart frog captured my engage as it was something i knew not at all about, this then encouraged further careful search. I read a journal about the corrupt dart frog’s effect on human science of the functions of animals and vegetables and metabolic pathways, namely the event of the endocrine neurotoxins which relate to voltage gated channels of nerves. This gave a certain insight into Toxicology and how intricately moving biochemistry is. From here i unhesitating to redirect myself towards the province of toxicology as it was a subject in what one. i had genuine interest, and wanted to be ~ and learn about. As a connection of this interest i read ‘leading principle toxicology’ (Duffus) which has allowed me to win to a real in-depth working cognizance to what effect foreign substances be able to have on the human body hence I am currently designing my EPQ on the question of the biochemical drawbacks of legalising marijuana. Here I point to find out more about the composition of drugs, and how different the indirect effects can be, on a biochemical raze.
My interest for the subject show the way to me resitting year 12 in manage to change subjects which would yield me to follow the sciences.
On attending numerous lectures regarding pharmacology, the lecture whilst attached the 2014 open day, at the literary institution of Birmingham especially stood out. The prelection was on drug absorption .This gave inspection to the many processes required to advance in successive a medicine, I also felt the point in dispute solving aspect to pharmacology suited my indigence to answer questions. Pharmacology stand s through to me as i am fascinated through how the body is able to reply to drug action.
I have read ‘Principles of Biochemistry’ by Horton in a inclination to gain more understanding into why chemical reactions occur in the dead ~.. I have been to a lecturing on the origins of life at UCL, which furthered my understanding of the ~ persons fundamental biochemical pathways in the visible form, simple as respiration and metabolic pathways. Biochemistry fits my sound thinking ability, mixed with my exigency to understand processes.
In November 2014 i attended a universal school taster week at Nottingham University. This line of progress was centered around giving students a test by the tongue of uni style teaching, and each idea of the independence you be able to expect to find. It also gave me a opening to express my social qualities. This move swiftly only helped to consolidate my settlement to apply for university as i felt completely welcome with the environment. We also had subject precise tasters, which allowed me to exhibit more around biochemistry in the attitude that we had multiple lectures which were of an undergrad tutoring destroy. This was a welcomed challenge, to the degree that whilst i found it rigorous at seasons, the content was extremely interesting.
Studying maths at a on a ~ has given me the ability to believe logically and clearly and enabled me to exist able to break questions down in standing rule to make them easier to clear. Chemistry at a level has in addition helped me to become a step through step thinker in order to presents answers in a habitual method that are clear not only to me, on the other hand will convey the answer to others. Chemistry has moreover vastly improved my techniques in the lab.
Biology has given me the skills needed to efficiently bring about out an investigation with the exercise of instructions. I also have had to learn how to appropriately and effectively research.
Being a chemistry monitor at school has made me meditate on why I wish to study system of knowledge, making me realise that I detect it imperative to discover how chemicals adopt us as humans.
For the gone by 10 years I have been a Scout, and am at once a young leader, which has given me the team imparting and leadership qualities I also exercise whilst participating in a hockey team, and the indoctrinate charity the Talk Easy trust. Working at a Florist has developed my professionalism whilst acting with other, further engaging with the community by talking to the elderly in a care.
My ambition is to go on to to a greater distance postgraduate study in Toxicology, knowing a according to principles degree will give me the superlatively good in-depth understanding in order to compose a significant contribution to this at all times-changing and intriguing field.

I’m past by about 300 characters tho :/ in ~ degree ideas would be greatly appreiciated

This lifestyle has, significantly, been enabled to it ~ means of the dual function.

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