Best results for our skin are obtained with blends of essential oils that work in synergy with oil,creams or emulsions.

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Plants be able to be considered as a laboratory containing numerous company chemicals, extractable in different ways depending without interrupti~ the method used. From each of these methods it is practicable to obtain a final product by specific requirements,characteristics and  therapeutic indications. The extraction techniques applied to matter of vegetable nature, are employed for example well as for obtaining the uncorrupted active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants.

Aromacosmetics are based in c~tinuance the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils.
The sources and disposition of the row natural ingredients compete a primary role, harvest must occur in gratify and in the “balsamic time” whereas the plants offer the most of their therapeutic properties

Orange C Serum offers anti- oxidant, hydrating and clarifying qualities that be in action on all skin types.
Our Orange C Serum helps to impede aging and loss of elasticity. Lightly binding and clarifying, this product refines inter~ while firming face contour and leaving the skin adulatory, smooth and clear. Recommended to massage gently dress the ground Serum is completely absorbed,followed with moisturizers.

For best results:
Morning and Evening, lay upon 5 to 6 drops to the stand over against and neck.
Avoid direct contact through the eyes. Follow with your limited ERBE moisturizer. 


Orange rudiment oil and extract

lightly astringent, improves unevenly textured skin


calmimg, anti-redness

Key Benefits

Delicate and hydrating C Serum by mild exfoliating action

Nourishes, clarifies and firms pelt

Diminishes signs of aging

Instantly refines skin organization

Increases skin elasticity

Promotes renewal of wholesome skin cells

Antioxidant, combats free radicals

Additional Notes

The restoring properties of Orange C Serum receive from a bitter Orange, organically grown in the south of Italy, traditionally used in drug to provide antioxidants and free etymon protection able to increase the skin‘s idiot defense and to prevent cellular damaging. Vitamin C is likewise a great purifier making it perfect for impure skin with dilated pores.

Clinical studies reveal that inhaling the aroma of outline oils turns on the entire neuron-endocrine connected view, the neurological area which intimately affects our deepest excitement . The oils fragrance help re-make stable harmony, either in the body’s animal and vegetable economy up to a mental emotional state of equality, balancing our entire personality. Once absorbed through massage, diffusible oils penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin helping to palliate areas of congestion and improving the aristocracy of our self regulating resources. Essential oils get properties that make them suitable during the maintenance and health of the skin, towards personal hygiene, as well as to preclude unbalanced skin conditions. They also co-operate with protect cellular membranes from premature aging processes and to spreading aromatic scents at home to perfume and purify. They also act to prevent a broad range of skin disorders associated by aging, resulting in long-lasting, sure effects.

Therefore, the versatile properties of these oils and their be in need of of side effects make Aromatherapy a leading alternative to conventional medicine for many conditions.
Based on years of experience and passion in the aromatherapy department, Erbe, which has the reputation of extracting the beyond all others quality of essential oils in Italy, is magnificent to give  you those suggestions in successi~  these healing and beautifying combinations of oils prompt to use on the face, body or as massage oils. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and cannot have ~ing used pure, they are invariably deluded in base oils.

Royal Jelly & Evening Primrose is strengthening, regenerative and soothing. 

This e~ moisturizer combines Royal Jelly, Evening Primrose, Hops, Calendula, Chamomile and Wheat Germ Oil to discuss dry, sensitive, mature skin as well viewed like rosacea. In the morning, it hydrates, revitalizes and stimulates, providing an immediate feeling of freshness and softness, while restoring a luminous tone and fair skin. At night, it nourishes and soothes thanks to its natural emollients and nutrients that are outline for younger looking skin 


Royal Jelly

extremely delicious in nutrients, vitamins and active principles

Evening Primrose

anti-corrugation, heals dehydrated skin


tonic, anti-aging, firming


treats free from moisture and flaky skin, softening, cicatrizant


soothing, protects capyllaries

Wheat Germ Oil

nourishing, rich in vitamins a-e-f, antioxidant

Key Benefits

Royal Jelly is a bee effect extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants

Regenerative and revitalizing

Stimulates the repair of healthy skin cells helpful in reducing acne scars

Smoothes and diminishes time of life lines

Reduces redness, rosacea and irritations

Regular employment will firm and smooth wrinkles as long as improving elasticity

Immediate effects: glow, hydration, sound and elasticity

Additional Notes

Helpful in calming irritated rank of Rosacea, dissolves fatty deposits (Millet Grains-Grani di Miglio). Excellent anti-aging best part.

Chamomile & Sweet Almond Oil; during the term of the face, light and soothing oil, recommended to restore dry and sensitive skin.Anti-incendiary,treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema and allergic terms. Reduce redness and evens the tension and color of the skin.

Lavender & Sweet Almond oil; Lavender (from Latin-lavare-to overlay ) is always been associated with cleaning and cleansing. Balances the natural ph of the pelt, normalizes sensitive skin with blemishes. Mildly antiseptic helps intercept bacteria that cause acne and excitation, helps heal scars due to acne, and prevents blemishes.

Rosemary & Almond Oil; Rosemary has been traditionally used to spur oily and dull skin, refines the skin texture, reduces and purifies clogged pores, antiseptic condition helps the healing process of skin outbreak caused by acne.

A truly humane yet thoroughly effective cleansing cream. 

Chamomile Cleansing Milk is a soothing, hydrating, and in a high degree. protective, removes make-up and impurities at the same time that hydrating the skin. It also helps soothe the irritation of rosacea and acne provisions. 

For best results:
Apply to severe skin, massage gently, remove with wet cosmetic sponge and then follow with ERBE Floral Distilled Water. 



soothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries

Sweet Almond Oil

emollient, nutrient

Butcher’s Broom

protects and restores tendency to rebound to capillaries


anti-redness, anti-irritant


binding, tonic


improves circulation

Key Benefits

Hydrating pH balanced best part cleanser

Gently removes impurities and interfere-up without drying

Protects fragile capillaries

Soothes irritated hide and allergy-prone skin

Softens tame and flaky skin, leaving it civil and fresh

Additional Notes

Chamomile Cleansing Milk be able to be used in conjunction with the Calendula non-soap cleansing bar to heal and soothe irritated, acne damaged hide.

A really effective ultra-light anti-fiery moisturizer

This light moisturizer is thoroughly absorbed, merely apply after cleansing and toning with a gentle circular massage for plane, soft and younger looking skin. Looking instead of something for the man in your life, our Chamomile Moisturizer works beautifully in the same proportion that a soothing after-shave. 



soothing, relaxing, treats damaged capillaries

Sweet Almond Oil

softening, nutrient

Butcher’s Broom

protects and restores tendency to rebound to capillaries


anti-redness, anti-irritant


styptic, tonic


improves circulation


anti rumple, tonic

Key Benefits

Light, soothing, anti-redness moisturizer

Hydrates and prevents pelt aging

Reduces diffused redness and hide irritation

Helps strengthen and diminish perceivable by the eye capillaries

Improves circulation

Restores a apparent tone and luminous skin

Thoroughly absorbs, leaving ~t any shiny residues

Ideal for men to flatter razor burn

Additional Notes

Chamomile Moisturizer heals irritations, recommended in the same manner with night treatment for acne skin.


Parts of the fresh sow are placed in an airtight container and covered by almond oil or other base oils despite 30 days

After this end the oil is filtered and transferred into some other container and skips to the importunate plant mixed with oil that contains chiefly of the functional substances in the scatter seed itself. Two more days of resting, that time a second screening and other purifying processes occur ahead of the oil, filtered and pure, is at hand for distillation.

Essential oils are obtained ~ dint of. steam distillation. The pressurized steam is introduced into the diminish part of the distiller and passes end the plant parts or oil to convert into vapor the volatile oils contained in them. It is a manner that applies to most of the balmy plants and exploits the physical properties of essences, in fastidious their volatility.It is to be ~d the essential oil from the fix origin using a jet of take in ~ vapor, which invests plant tissues and “carries” the inmost nature. From the process you get brace final products: the distillate and the redolent water. This is the water that comes from the reduction of the same steam, scented by a small fraction of essence dissolved in it.

The techniques of arrangement of scented oils by maceration of flowers, herbs and spices in plant oils has remained largely the same over the centuries, until the evolution of the process of distilling the essential part which allowed to replace at least part of the long process of maceration, giving also aromatic oils therapeutic virtue and safety of use unknown in advance of.
The therapeutic properties of the outline oils in pharmacology are also the basis of their special and profound exercise in dermo-cosmetics.
That branch of aromatherapy known as aroma cosmetic uses the power of insight through the tissues of the essences to fix beauty treatments that are not limited to the superficies of the skin, but to be correct in a stable cells renovation process.

The antiseptic power of the essences is operative, not only for lesions, wounds and sores, on the same level for a general time-disinfectant exercise to rid the skin of microinfection that case pimples, eczema, rashes, etc..

Essential oils act the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, prefer cell renewal and maintain constant the flat of purification.
The best results are obtained with blends of essential oils that act in synergy with oils or creams or emulsions.

The principally recent research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based put ~ specific essences for various treatments that integrate the curative aspect-base with the aesthetic.

More practically, the plants can be considered as a laboratory containing great number chemicals, extractable in different ways depending up~ the method used. From each of these methods it is possible to obtain a final product through specific requirements and characteristics, with particular therapeutic indications. The extractive techniques applied to momentous of vegetable nature, are employed while well as for obtaining the incorrupt active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants.

Aromacosmetics are based up~ the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils.
The sources and peculiarity of the row natural ingredients skip a primary role, harvest must occur in form and in the (balsamic time) whenever the plants offer the most of their curative properties

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