INDICATIONS: 1. Diuretic  (particularly  in  the  port  of  metabolic  alkalosis) 2. Correction  of  sarcastic  metabolic  alkalosis

Diamox  250mg  tablets  

 DOSAGE: For  diuresis,  the  drench  is  usually  250-375  mg  stat.  If,  posterior  an  initial  answer,  the  patient fails  to  perpetuate  to  diurese,  act  not  increase  the  drench  but  allow  during the term of  kidney  recovery  by skipping  medication  for  a  day.  Acetazolamide  yields  superlatively good  diuretic  results  at the time that  given  on alternate  days,  or  during the term of  2  days  alternating  by  a  day  of  rest. 

DOSAGE  IN  PAEDIATRICS: The  preservation  and  effectiveness  of  acetazolamide  in  paediatric  patients  in the regions of the dead  the  age  of 12  years  be favored with  not  been  established. 

DOSAGE  IN  RENAL FAILURE AND  RENAL REPLACEMENT THERAPY: No  drench  adjustment  is  required  then  administered  for  ICU  indications  (mind  that acetazolamide  is  contraindicated  in  the  presence  of  metabolic  acidosis). This  physic  is  not  indicated  in  patients  without ceasing  renal  replacement  therapy.   

CLINICAL  PHARMACOLOGY Acetazolamide  is  one  enzyme  inhibitor  that  acts  steady  carbonic  anhydrase,  the  enzyme  that catalyzes  the  reversible  reciprocal action  involving  the  hydration  of  carbon  sub-oxide  and  the dehydration  of  carbonic  sour.

 CONTRAINDICATIONS 1. Hypersensitivity  to  acetazolamide  or  other  sulphonamides 2. Metabolic  acidosis 3. Cirrhosis  (venture  of  development  of  hepatic  encephalopathy) 

General Increasing  the  draught  does  not  enlarge  the  diuresis  and  may  augment  the  incidence  of drowsiness  and/or  paraesthesia.  Increasing  the  disagreeable lot  often  results  in  a  lower  in diuresis. 

Acetazolamide  and  sodium  bicarbonate  used  concurrently  increases  the  peril  of  renal calculus  disposition.


Metabolic  acidosis,  electrolyte  imbalance,  including  hypokalaemia,  hyponatraemia,  loss of  appetite,  taste  mutation,  hyper/hypoglycaemia.

Continued use for several weeks can already cause compassionate addiction, considerably more therefore if this devotion is pursued to greater amounts.

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