“What’s that?”

A plot.

“Clearly, Lord Master, but what is it exactly?”

“A strengthen.”


“A copy.”

“And…what’s it doing?”

He sighs.

“Studying…not the same copy of another copy to…try to 

form out where it is, where it’s going and for what cause.”

“What’re you going to act with it?”

“Nothing. I already be assured of what happens to it.”

“And who are you talking to?”

“The copy that I can’t put onto journal.”

Weak spirits can’t push self-same far for very long.

Nope, that’s it. Don’t ~iness extra names in the cage, in such a manner I figured, what’s the contention outin the herenow?

“Is my bloodfeud with your family going to effect your work?”

“The only thing they’ll ~more want, is the one thing you be bound to never give them.”

We’re tot~y one, but some have chosen to pivot their backs and step away.

Rationalize and the lower planes will be yours.

There’s a molecular endstart nestled within the grand theory of academic endeavorness, known to taint and starborn alike, as The School of Science and Spycraft. 

An capableness exam and career-choice-prompt masquerading exclusively similar to the latter. 

On one craftsman; well-paying careers and the warrant that comes with them. Such similar to a Generalship at The Office of Strategic Oversight, a Resource Allocator, or a Lab Rat gig. Furthermore, a like of variables is included. The choices are weighted, such that the aforementioned positions of rule have, if you look closely, fewer cognitively-serving to add force obstacles associated with them than; what we’ve got on the other index; a career as an Unlocker, a Circle Breaker, some Eater Killer, or a Thinkerfixer. But, grant that you remembered your evolutionary biology, you’d be assured of; the more challenging something is, and the faster you’re required to carry on it, and the longer you’re required to render it, the better you’ll induce at it, ultimately, this is the sort of you’re going to pass put ~ to your offspring. And if you haven’t forgotten, we’re evolving 50 times faster now than we were 50 many years ago, which means 3 weeks of behavioral-patterning-programming today is equal to 25 years of behavioral-patterning-programming then (don’t underestimate ourmy ancestors howsoever, for they chose the course we discover ourselves speeding across herenow). 

Like I said before, cracking the rewind button forward that genome’s tough.

There comes a design whenwhere you discover [CLASSIDIED] is in charge. 

Just observe quiet about it. 

You put on’t wanna know what it’s like to push forward out a full-scale erasure. 

I objection you not to thank Ourmy Tallest Neighbor with a view to pharmacology by the endstart of it.


“I give audience to your sword’s well-fed.”

Those were the unimpeached oldnew days.

Chasm’s flickering

“The disposition…in the steel.” 

“Oolbile! Oolbile! Oolbile! Did you be assured of there’s a universe made of oolbile?”

And for what cause would anyone want to waste their time in that place?


“Yes, sir?”

“Which soulmind shall butter our fire this mourning?” 

Mr. Multiverse asks. 

A examination I’d evernever dare spit. 

But, I’m royalty, and he’s a blind, memtarded spoke in some everturning wheel.

Somewhere, a taletell’s running beneficial to his life, stumbling toward his inksell’s bearing; pulling through a dust-plume and equitable as eager to swallow the what may occur hereafter for the very same reason: a savage; riding a bloodsoaked white unicorn wielding his sword, likewise drenched, gallops in his government upon overlapping pathtime; wider than the thinner couple stacked below.

This is whenwhere you not quite admire them.

Genetically engineered by more shadow to dominate man from a empty space deeper than even I can examine.

Scavenging dopamine for The Sindicate herenow, in a prey where one of our detachments mutinied; millenia ~ne, or was is longer? Anyhow, we acquired enlargement. Or else there’s no march in Double-H we could’ve held up~.

Someone’s saying that Ourmy Tallest Neighbor (The Point of Light in the present life on Earth 7 as I sidestep through it back to 13) is a fable, and that all mems are manufactured.

Cheezheads are overmuch stupid to figure it doesn’t plane matter, but Tag’s panicking, and Rombino’s up~ his way with Vinny and the neanderthals. 

Cybernetics claiming to have ~ing gods from Ourmy Tallest Neighbor knows wherewhen saturating the chamfer with packets; calling men apes, everyone yelling at one and the other other.

Total clusterguck, and at the get the better of “time”, of course. 

I’ll parsimonious you the details. 

You put on’t need to run through and join a gym and power nuts with it but you wish need to increase your physical smartness.

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