The echoes of the Prozac

The Lancet Psychiatry has a queer article giving a much needed cultural retroactive on the wave of antidepressants like Prozac – that first made us worry we would ~t one longer be our true selves from one side ‘cosmetic pharmacology,’ to the dawning realisation that they are unreliably serviceable but side-effect-ridden tools that can help manage difficult moods.

From their earliest appearance in the late 1980s to the time when recently, SSRIs were an A-edge topic of debate in the improvement wars, and the rhetoric, whether pro or con, was red hot. Antidepressants were going to cure, or destroy, the world as we knew it.

Those discussions at this time feel dated. While antidepressants themselves are in the present life to stay, they just don’t pulse with meaning the way they one time did. Like the automobile or the telephone in advance of them, SSRIs are a one-time marvel technology that have since become a familiar—plane frumpy—part of the furniture of novel life.

At some point recently, they’ve slid into the conclusive act of Mickey Smith’s astonishment-drug drama. And in the aftermath of that change, many of the things that canaille used to say about them get come to sound completely absurd.

It’s a amazing piece that perfectly captures the current condition of antidepressants in modern society.

It’s ~ dint of. author Katherine Sharpe who wrote the exceedingly acclaimed book Coming of Age up~ Zoloft which I haven’t know fully but have just ordered.

Link to ‘The quiet of prozac’ in The Lancet Psychiatry.

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