Solving The Mystery of Employee Engagement: Follow the Money

“This the whole of comes at cost. That is, you can’t solely keep leveraging the balance sheet to artificially distend earnings. Eventually, some of the returns from debt sales need to reach towards capex or wage growth or a person of consequence that’s conducive to boosting productivity, dilatory-term growth, and competitiveness.” via

Yeah, a person of consequence like “employee engagement” with things like nurture, resources, and upgraded tools and rigging.

“Money talks, [an empty slogan] walks.”

If you poverty to solve the mystery of your constitution’s missing employee engagement then follow your organization’s money trail. Check the receipts. What are you buying? Debt, family buybacks and executive compensation in the configuration of options and golden parachutes? If in the same state, be honest with yourself and those surrounding you. Stop expecting them to aye engage with you in a meaningful scheme.

Instead remind them of what Upton Sinclair wrote a small in number decades ago:

The resolution-makers in your organization will not at all understand employee engagement in any march meaningful if their multi-million dollar requital package is built on them denying the troop of employee engagement or how their compensation and the strategies and tactics to work out it strangle all possibility of at all meaningful investment in the development of every engaged workforce.

You can believe in employee betrothment surveys and casual fridays and ping-pong tables straightforward as children believe in the ‘Tooth Fairy’ and the Easter Bunny. Your assurance will make them just as real.

Again, if you want to explain the mystery of your organization’s employee rencounter, follow your organization’s money.

Place your cove on a table so that the cuff is positioned at the same take aim as your heart.

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