Semester 4: Round 2 – DING DING

My Boys <3

My Boys <3

Medical gymnasium is different from undergrad, but not in the means by which anything is reached you would think. There were a link together courses from undergrad (Biogeochemistry and Analytical chemistry for example) that were more difficult than the ones I’m seizure now. The difference is information overburden. At times it seems impossible to immerse it all, which is why its trying to digest all of this info in impose upon size pieces. Obviously some of the disgraceful rumors are true. Every moment of my time is worn out desperately condensing my notes and obsessing in addition details like a freaking maniac. This program is like a resentful at preference lover, longing for your undivided courtship but ready to snap if you rush. Thank god Tylor’s not indigent because I’ve done some earnest neglecting over the last 14 months.

There are separate approaches for each subject, so your study techniques ~iness be dynamic to accommodate. Neurology, because of instance, is very conceptual. If you make acquisition the major underlying concepts, you have power to answer most questions. I might desire an easier time with it since Dr. D’s lectures are highly visual and I’m a of the sight learner. She spends the entire rank drawing neurological pathways on different structures and at the time that the exam comes around, I can see them in my head.

Neuro pic

Pharmacology is every entirely different story. The first exam had some math in it, but other than that its careful memorization. I suppose the silver lining is that you each know it or you don’t, thus I’ll just have to favor sure I know it! Picmonic has really come through for me for remembering unnoticed details about hoards of drugs. For this greatest exam, Pharm was my highest account!

Studying for these exams has gotten easier throughout time. I’ve found efficient ways to solidify my notes to the point where it doesn’t take all sunshine to review one subject. I be under the necessity enough time now to review worn out material again and nail down random details that may have slipped my soul. I wish I knew how to finish it as a firstie. Oh well.

The weekend posterior the 2nd block exam I gathered up my distinguished medical school friends and we trekked up to Pic Paradis, the tallest matter on St. Maarten. I think we wholly needed an opportunity to decompress. I oblige myself crazy sometimes looking at the same four walls of my apartment and toying through the idea of burning my notes and peacing the F out.

The Crew

The Crew

The Crew at Pic Paradis



But scanning our handsome island from 1400 feet allowed me to take a step back and truly understand how far we’ve everything come. Hopefully in 6 months, I’ll be looking down on St. Maarten according to the last time from my JFK destined volitation.

Pic Paradis

Anyway, back to the grind.

Smiles 🙂


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