More Life Summit: Be Your Own Doctor



More Life Summit: Be Your Own Doctor

Carolyn Dean MD ND | Thursday, October 8, 2015

My More Life Summit interview with Gregory Ann Cox launches Oct 19, 2015. It was a destiny of fun. I got to rhodomontade about my med school days and shared more of my more exciting escapades. It was pretty large to commiserate with a kindred drift. Gregory Ann “designed the top to connect people to what’s likely as we age: good health, a resonant mind, energy to do all we at rest want to do. To dispel the myths that disorder and decline are simply by-products of aging. And to present the participants to people I rely upon are voices of truth as opposite to a world of marketing BS.”

Gregory Ann encourages the many the crowd to take charge of their concede healthcare and opens them up to the chance of vibrant health. Gregory Ann wanted her experts to harangue the causes of aging; how to obviate damage to an aging brain and an aging heart; and how to obviate hypothyroidism that occurs in 1 ~right of every 4 menopausal women.

In my parley, I presented the tools that I appliance – my free online newsletter; my Completement Now Online Wellness Program; my Completement Formulas that accord. you energy and vibrant health. The formulas obstruct aging by nourishing the body at a alveolate level; they keep the brain young; house our bones from osteoporosis; and living the thyroid and the heart.

While we are creating this change in health, what is medicine sacrifice? Medicine is trying to redefine itself by a new name and just adding to the jumble. They are calling what doctors transact, Personalized Medicine, Precision Medicine or Individualized Medicine. They are wholly the same thing but none of the names alienate their true, hidden meaning.

Precision Medicine defines which drugs we should take by analyzing our genetic makeup. Medicine resoluteness never give up its drugs they answer it’s now much more philosophical and call it Pharmacogenomics. This with reference to something else new field combines pharmacology (the knowledge of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to open effective, safe medications and doses that behest be tailored to variations in a person’s genes. Sounds hi tech and sophisticated, moreover it’s still the same drugs in the corresponding; of like kind bottles with the same warning labels and side effects.

Instead of working with diet, task and key nutrients, Medicine is playing the genetics card. However, they are totally absent the epigenetic factor. Epigenetics means the environment round genes that turns genes on or done. The biggest epigenetic trigger for genes is magnesium. When magnesium is inadequate, genes may not act normally and this leads to the expression of gene mutations. But it’s not the slip of the genes; it’s the weakness of nutrient deficiencies.

Please join me without interrupti~ the More Life Summit for a great deal of more!

SUMMITS: Websites will be added for example the Summits come online.

1. Rewire Your Brain Summit by Marna Thall launches Oct 5, 2015, my interview is Oct 9.

2. Female Fat Loss Summit by Dr Kellee Rutley launches Oct 5, 2015 – my conference is Oct 7.

3. No More Muffin Top Summit through Elle Lakovenko launches Oct 5-Oct 21.

4. The More Life Summit with Gregory Ann Cox launches Oct 19, 2015.

5. The Gut Health Turn Around Series through Health Coach, Leah Kline. Airs Nov 1st -21st. The interviews power of choosing be free throughout the whole order.

6. Create Your Badass Life: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Create A Life You Love” with Terry Sobon. Going live November 16th, 2015.

7. The Sexy Summit: Simple Secrets ~ the sake of Living Your Most Vibrant, Healthy & Sexy Life by Christi Cass launches Nov 16.

8. Kick the Sugar! How to Live a Vibrant, Energetic Life and Kick Diabetes to the Curb by Tursha’ Hamilton, ND.

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