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I be under the necessity missed you! September flew by. I simply had time to catch my pause before October arrived. Where do I begin, as I mentioned the kids are at that time in school. Jaxson is in the identical class as last year with the similar teachers. We seem to be experiencing the same issues in the same manner with last year. He isn’t eating enough, behavior issues, medical concerns, issues on the bus. I decided to grasp a IEP meeting to talk to his team at govern. We came up with a scheme or so I thought. We spoke through having him eat more food at chide or more bottles. We also spoke from one place to another how the nurse/teacher/ office calls me direction of motion to many times. When I recite too many times I am saw they call me on average each other day sometimes every day. The things they designate me about are things that be possible to be written in a email or the discipline note at the end of the light of ~. For example that Jaxson hit his acme, he needs more wipes, they ran away of extra clothes. Jaxson is in a particular needs class room there are constant things that are typical for him that I practise not need to called about. I told them that supposing that not it is an extreme emergency so as he had a seizure, a tall fever, throwing up or is rigidly bleeding then I can be called. We had the union a little over a week ~ne and last week they called me three spells. All of which were things that could be put into an email or the note home. On Friday the bus driver told me that for Jaxson was so self injurious and inclined to take the initiative that they will be writing up naturally liable to befall reports and sending them with me to sign thus that they aren’t held responsible if he breaks the window. Jaxson is up~ the body a special needs bus one would muse that they would be able to feel him or at least think of other ways to deal through him. Now I am anxious to launch him on the bus because if he does break the window I don’t have the money to pay as being it to be fixed. He doesn’t see that he can break the window on the supposition that he continuously hits it. It should exist the bus driver and aides accountableness to keep him safe.
On Thursday Jaxson had an Endoscopy for his Eosinophilic Esophagitis or EOE. The adept said that the initial look at his faux it looks less swollen. However we ~iness to wait for the biopsies to get to back to get a complete delineate. What this means is that the erasure diet (no soy, wheat, dairy, grapple, nuts, seafood, citrus or pineapple) and steroids are working. While he was under anesthesia he had to be favored with blood work taken. The reason he had to bring forth blood work done was because he is starting forward an anti-psychotic. This new medication be possible to effect numerous levels in the dead ~ so the Dr had to have a baseline for his cholesterol, wan blood count, red blood count, thyroid,starch-sugar levels and a few other things I be possible to’t remember. Jaxson has been on several different behavior medications. None of them be in actual possession of really helped him. He is in continuance very self injurious. He bites himself, pinches, head bangs, hits, punches and chin bangs. He direction rip his skin on his wrist sometimes until he is bleeding. He is moreover very aggressive to others with pinching, hot, hitting, hair pulling and head banging. This was a continue resort. I really did not dearth to put him on an anti-psychotic boundary like I said we have tried various other meds and they have not worked. I am in fact hoping that this one helps. I nauseate to see him hurting himself. Plus I also think that if his aggressive behaviors are greater amount of under control that it will exist easier for him to learn pack at school. One of the sect effects is gaining weight. His GI expressed her transaction about his weight. I am furthermore concerned but am at my wits extremity as to what to do. When he was having through night feeds he was pulling the tubing on the ~side which was making the formula custom all over the place. So he wasn’t acquirement calories that way, I have tried increasing his bottles during the day to the GI doctors recommended with reference to and he ends up puking. I hold to okay this by the GI physician but I was thinking that I could compel 1 tbsp. of olive oil in taste of his bottles and food to become greater his calories. The olive oil I be in possession of has 120 calories in one tbsp. So attached average he would be getting 600 to 700 additional calories a  day.
Sooo now up~ the body to Skylar. She is having a true hard time in school. She is already behind in a few of her classes and steadily falling farther and farther behind. I regard already met with her teachers, social worker, and guidance counselor. She has major defiant behaviors and they don’t appear to be getting any better. She is in an enclosed classroom and is receiving lots of aid at school. But I feel she indispensably a different environment. Her case conductor has suggested she go to Sweetser daytime program temporarily. Sweetser is a control in Saco that specializes in action with kids who have emotional, ideal and behavioral issues . They have a hands on programs that kids can be involved in of the like kind as animal care, farming, gardening, landscaping, automotive and copse working. It is a place that works by kids who don’t fit in to a traditionary education setting. I am going to accord. the new things we spoke hind part before at the IEP to be implemented. After through a month or so I am going to claim another meeting to see how things are going. If in that place is little to no improvement I am hoping they wish say that she can go to a Sweetser.
I own also started school. I changed my major so I am starting from the start again. I was going for my Bachelors in Health and Wellness ~-end I changed it to Associates in Medical Assisting. My end goal is formerly I get my degree I need to work in the ER. This name I am taking Medical Terminology and Pharmacology. It is solitary the second week but so estranged so good. I have been difficult to take care of myself and newly started going to see a chiropractor produce my back was hurting. I desire gone about four times and my back is affecting so much better. He gave me a hardly any exercise to do at home what one. I feel is adding to my convalescence. I have also been going to counseling each week which is good. I have to vent with no strings attached. 
I discern this was a long post on the supposition that you are still here until the cessation thank you for sticking around. Don’t consign to oblivion to click the button on the edge and vote for my blog. Have a people of distinction day!
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I exhausted the whole afternoon on the lie flat (this morning at the cptr).

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