Ready for PT in Fallujah

Life is abounding of stressors

I, adamant about not heart called disordered…

Don’t supplicate – Don’t tell

Leave me alone

Do pray for – Do tell

For I am caught in a reason in-between heaven and hell

It’s like if I am in a humvee in a paltry insignificant convoy…

Aimlessly driving…

The allure vehicle hit…can you say “I-E-D”?

The third and last vehicle has disappeared from my sleeping vision and in reality

So I am stuck in-between the convoy

“in” and “tween” one or the other demolished or ousted

only I “be” left or is it fair

damn politics add to my throng

“Con-Voy” – like “Em-manu-el” – free from.

“man-you” alone “with” wanting “El” – even God

in the absence of “con” in “voy” – I am matter of no consequence!

I am in-be-tween diagnosis: PTSD – TBI

Something not becoming

Don’t ask me to take drugs prescribed through pharmacology

Don’t tell me I’m disordered

My stress is post traumatic

Spiritual, emotional, psychological and in-between

How about Post Traumatic Stress Disabled…or on a level Dead?

Part of me is dead to event about life

Something that not smooth suicidal death will heal

Could have ~ing a good thing – don’t apprehend

I thought I had this “thing” worn by use like my president said:

“Mission Accomplished!”


Thought I was unscathed

Macho and strong enough to agitate it off

Told my story in a book I published

But whiney anonymous race kept speaking

Through their patriotic imposture:

“Don’t tell me the conformity to fact of an unjust war. – Don’t put the question to me to look at my share.”


Yep! The lie is downright – we never learned from Vietnam, Cold War or Korea

War sucks… the life extinguished of our given world…and instead of whatever its worth…me

Throughout the years war has been glorified…even suppose that undeclared or unjustified

            O thus be it ever, when free men shall stand

            Between their loved homes and the war’s desolateness

Blessed with victory and peace

May the heaven’s rescued country praise the Power that has made

And preserved us a nation…

Then prevail over we must, if our cause it is just…

I subsist still caught in-between my founding fathers…

and the chase of liberty, justice and peace with regard to all

enemies real or perceived are share of all

Throughout the years of our young population, war has been glorified

Fight is efficiency

Our Founding Fathers (and might I append Founding Mothers?)

handed down to us anxieties, peculiarity, stress, land, freedom

and making a estate off war like in the sales… or give support to

of weapons of mass destruction…yes, U.S…Ah!

Using, not fond our enemies

Using, not seeing how we enslave other countries to dismay and devastation

I HATE WAR – War is Hell – Just desire FDR and the Memorial

Close to Arlington National to what over 20 men I held are buried

The Founding Fathers didn’t detect or found anything…

Except a brighten of hope

To live in quietness where…

All people are not created disordered, still

All men and women are created ordered and equal

Our inhabitants we love was born of wars and exaltation

Our country is still seeking stillness

…but we haven’t originate it yet

The hope of point of compass is in our Founding Mothers, at in the smallest degree in spirit…

Who will take enough of Gold Star Mothers and Fathers

Who choose have enough of wounded warriors and disordered children

returned to struggle and demons and self-slaughter

When and if we recognize that,

“War is the discomfiture of humanity” to quote a pontiff JPII of late,

If all are created equal             –not disordered, not adherent

—not more or less patriotic

                                                –not likewise richer nor poorer

Then we have a chance of being founding fathers and mothers

of the highest nation that does not crumble, disease or collapse from within

The Founding Fathers and Mothers

incite us to keep Amendments coming

to the time when we find the right path to a just homeland security

and a motto, “In God We Trust!”

formed and made of not to be alienated rights

for all people of kind will – all faiths

all Native Americans

and the rest of us aggregate immigrants

brought here weary of heaviness, slavery and lost

all enemies no more…foreign nor domestic in the place traumatic

Until then…

I have existence “in-be-tween” the diagnosis…like my wounded land

The brain in-be-tween the traumatic—wrong.

Life is Good in GITMO Jumping in Cuba Bravo-Surgical

ron moses camarda +

***Ron served since a catholic chaplain in the fell battle of Fallujah from October to December in 2004. He current casualties every day from 9-11 to 12-24 time at Bravo Surgical – a M.A.S.H. exemplar Marine Medical Battalion. He personally admitted over 1500 casualties and 81 deaths; from one to another 12 died in his arms. He moreover journeyed into the city of Fallujah numerous company times while the battle was after what is stated raging and in the aftermath to administrator the sacraments to the Marine, Navy and Army military force. He has not been diagnosed through PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). It could have ~ing a thing of pride or as luck may have it, just maybe, it is something a great deal of deeper and mysterious.



war and sleep cartoon

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