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Awesome three posts WS…..defame 269, 270, and 271…..See Posts underneath)

The first points to problems the Iraqis effrontery with regard to their economic pass and how some of PM Abadi’s better efforts stand to change things…oil leavings the key lynchpin for Iraq…..but also as they attempt to sort through other revenue alternatives…..alternatives that power of choosing be slow in changing at with most propriety….

Still all eyes are on the reward of oil and what will exist happening to things on a global basis….

The second article points to the colossal amount of information that becomes distorted in the media these days….especially through things like social media catching in c~tinuance like wildfire as a new mode to spread word around the terraqueous globe in lightening speed….spreading news and falsehoods at the similar time with no real attempt to garner what the truth might be…..


Both of these articles helped to eat Maliki’s machine….his efforts at depravity and misinformation…..his philosophy….tell the lies a ~ time enough it is eventually thought of being of the kind which truth….sad but true…and the sort of a sad state he left the Iraqi plight in when he was finally bulldozed from service…..

PM Abadi now a year later is at last feeling he has the confidence and the backing to step up to the microphones and suppose what really has needed to have ~ing said for a long time.

He has the backing of the Iraqi persons….he has the strong backing of the devotional clerics in Iraq…..most recently we’ve seen he has the backing of the GCC and of point of compass the US…..

And with Russia and China the two knocking on his doors with offers of alms……he needs to produce results promptly…..he’s got the time fabricate….he understands what is at venture…..”keep an eye on the time”

Family… is prominent and critical for good things to betide…..these articles all are linked…’s time to fit seeing the fruition of PM Abadi’s actions and reforms….

Let’s exercise the sense of ~ing from the Parliament next…..they acquire some skin in this game and they exigency to be seen as movers and shakers for example well….

Let them show they be able to move mountains….or at the real least that they can move LAWS……

Remember….Maliki’s days are sternly numbered…..remember…..Parliament has to act….produce forth the LAWS…..and never let slip from the mind that A and S walk viewed like one…..through them…..the BEST is further to come.  Aloha    Randy


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Economy height and opportunities for reform 1-3       7/10/2015 0:00

Dr. Ahmed Abrihi Ali
If yes, the International Energy Agency estimates concerning the lack of increased supply from external the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Countries (OPEC) in the nearest year, the improved price will hang on its policy, and especially Saudi Arabia, for the cause that they can offer control. Expected to abide budget deficit in the next year it has been expanding spite the austerity measures.

As a resolution deferred the need for current outlay to sustain the operation of departments and services of assurance and defense, and payments owed ​​to the projects subordinate to implementation to encourage contractors to continue to work. And development and operating expenses of the contracting companies in the sector of oil. And distil increase revenue from local sources of non-oil measures confused whether rate, of various kinds, and duties forward consumer goods and services and the cluster of customs duties and other fees and electricity.

It refuse success in the development of sources of reward from non-oil minimal in the arrival year, and needs to build institutional lord in the Ministry of Finance replaces ways of cogitation and old ways another credibly distinct sense of danger about the sustainability of the fiscal situation in Iraq. On the other laborer recede gradually local sources to science the deficit, a deposit excess credit and bank what one. almost exhausted. The government borrowing from the the world is still in its infancy and its tools are limited and its emporium absent and unreliable significant size.

The packet deficit is much easier than the moot point of the balance of external payments, the encourage the result of the lower oil cost, as the foreign currency of Iraq’s exports are not sufficiency to cover imports of the administration and obligations Foreign adding the ~iness for the private sector. The modern asked to import foreign goods and services bills and notes; circulating medium, and transfers to Iraqis abroad, and investments in the markets of other countries.

The challenge for large foreign currency in Iraq as far as concerns several reasons, the most important of the limited public production capacity, and the low bandy rate of the dollar against the dinar, and the security situation, and the psychological effects of ~fare and siege, the political and media. The continuing current levels of question for foreign currency to the exhausting of central bank reserves.

Also, the advancement of industrial and agricultural production, to take the place of imports and increase the export of non-immature oil, needs years and requires the maintenance of other policies that are based steady approaches that are not familiar to the masses’s awareness, and therefore may not acquire the compressor support to influence the resolution in a circle. And bureaucracy in the combination of the list has totally through the perpetuation of the current relating to housekeeping situation, and feared compromising their positions.

We take shown years siege fact the Iraqi frugality, devoid of crude oil, where potential is limited productivity, collectively, and the assiduity that have arisen within the borders of the state does not be obliged the self-economic elements for the prolongation and growth. It was mostly an additional channel to dissipate the oil supplies devoted relied upon, and when oil exports stopped disappeared from the show of many large facilities despite the southerly price of foreign currency, which has created an opportunity to make up for imports and commodity ~ed diversification outside of crude oil.

Even admitting that a lot of other productive activities that seemed prosperous financially and economically is really not such even low-lying energy prices and other forms steadfast subsidies concealed shortcomings in efficiency and is not before that time justify what was spent on them. After 2003 neglected to settlement-makers dilemma and their advisers relating to housekeeping and justified reluctance to take duty by drawing on perspectives such for the re~on that superficial and ready to foreign investing. and the private sector will warrant the prosperity of Iraq as easily as the launch of the independence to work.

And Iraq’s thriftiness suffered the plight of another, namely, government investment has failed: the complete costs of projects, from school to the might plant, and the lows of the specifications and designs and techniques, and the deviation force for controls and terms of the shrivel, the length of the construction limit, low rates of annual completion of unexecuted projects. Widen the infrastructure gap in altogether sectors of electricity, drinking water and hygiene to school buildings, passing through ports, railways, and stalled evolution or irrigation networks and Alambazl programs stopped.

Even granting that crude oil and gas development operations were not desired in the manner that quickly as technically and economically desired integration. The administration investment after the failure of the year 3002 is the biggest disadvantages of progression in a continuously ascending gradation management and economy policy in Iraq.

The regulation failed political actors to act unfeeling to fix this vital process, which is the backbone of development and improve the lives of populate. And the tributaries of the abandon allegiance known: in the departments responsible because the project management system, and the erection sector, and the absence of specialized in engineering examination of accounts costs and executive performance units. The forward failure in breadth government apparatus the dimensions and performance of the low and Asrafh in the be diminished of resources, and his personal whims, and inaction in the front of theft and extortion, collusion by the content of the values ​​of the magnificence personal right of its members in the system of sacred gradation of feudal.

The problem of unemployment, the marvel and convincing, they are the stand by face to the small production volume, with technical backwardness and regulatory, or in other dispute the cause of unemployment lies in the development stopped. Manifested in Iraq unable to reinforce human resources productivity suitable to breed enough income for the family, according to the dominant standards of civilization, and the conditions and working relations satisfy a mind of human dignity, and are trite in the same trust with the community and hope for the future of the beyond all others.

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Misinformation and terrorism in economic discourse

7/10/2015 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam
repeated cases of inaccuracies in the semblance of financial and economic data in the talk mention of some political figures on the relating to housekeeping or financial in the Iraqi parliament affairs ..

It seems that political motives are astern the lack of precision in precept to intimidate or disinformation to power of impelling the convictions of the political assemblage and show things is reality and which quickly Taatlaagafha some quarters and re-produced steady social networking sites In Modern opposed to the realities of the mediation of public opinion in more astonishment and misinformation.

And because this sort of economic misinformation may withdraw men opinion outside the facts circle, and have power to result in what may have woful consequences in a country see greater amount of noise due to the escalation of yelling from the parties perceive how to hype industry in family to create more confusion, the media general that not only offer statements lacking taking the views of institutional bodies so declared numbers so that the hearing closer to the facts, at the same time in that it should be to intensify Showing statements respecting to disclose cases of financial bribery to expose the corrupt authorities in stipulations of the fight against corruption in every part of its forms and upload the owner of the permit responsibility of the strictness of these figures.

and thus constrain an end to this ongoing sound in digital statements is produced which does not come their owners through or alternatives in light of dust calamity they raise about any economic subject of fighting in it.

The sad thing veritably in this context, to hear the charge in the quality mocks as ordinary people motivated Nile opponents, Ozicel «Where did the prior budgets, which amounted to $ 850 billion in funds?», referring to the putrefaction that is eating away at Iraqi in~d entity ..

and this question in terms of configuration involves ignorance or deliberate intended to guide astray public opinion through the blind in the context of what is said about immorality, because the economic changes in the geographical division to renege on despite the disorder in the joints of institutional work and across businesses.

The Although pecuniary mismanagement in the overall scene and in the entities of administration institutions and the continuing decline in production rates of the individual, whether in the general or private sector.

Thus, the stripping things of features is no justification only goal of the Nile from opponents and vanquish their importance at the expense of the fact ..
Is deny that 70 percent of the revenues of these budgets », or through $ 595 billion» was dedicated to operational budgets, and this token of assignments took him to salaries and wages about 68 percent, or approximately $ 4.5 billion, and this aggregate was reflected clearly on the entry level of the middle class and contributed to at the very least in the housing sector growing outside the State Department, which in translate stimulate a number not a fragment of character and business, shreds eye horizontal expansion tremendous in residential entities to the provinces and affecting what to ask for more services that added encumbrance on the budgets of local governments, and likewise reflected in the rates of commodities and service recreational Iraqi family , considered in the state of increased numbers of vehicles at rates unheard Iraqi public way before, and changed the electrical and lasting goods in the home several seasons.

and entered the electronic technologies of late every home and become mobile phones accessible to total age groups, and increased tourist trips rates of several orientations (religious and recreational), while the surplus of the These amounts Vetozaat between consumer ministries allocations such as the ministries of defense, remote , electricity, and on the ration card what one. took the rate is estimated at 2.5 billion dollars a year expenses, and allocations of the affable welfare network, the ruling and expenses included expenses (hold of Pharmacology property disputes-import electricity-sustentation the purchase of crops wheat and barley-carcass Hajj and Umrah) ..

The allocated to the budgets of the investing. on which form about 30 percent of the whole budget is estimated at about 255 billion dollars and these amounts and that did not aroynt entirely for investment projects due to look sullen exchange rates caused the re-counted other than once because of recycling in succeeding budgets, as distributed among the ministries and provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry, and varied results, according to those entities and the world of management and rates of pecuniary and administrative corruption, but it has contributed to a great quantity of changes in the profile of cities and activities sector, we would declare to be untrue the infrastructure that varied completion rates

mixed the provinces including (water and hygiene networks, roads, Mjsrat, building hospitals, edifice schools, the development of universities, raise airports, the development of ports, etc.) and whether renounce the return of activity to the vast numbers of public sector labs Is gainsay the high growth rates in the oil sector in the more than years at a time do not renounce that the corruption wasting a doom of money and energies.

The try to destroy the truth will not moil in the fight against corruption, and decree not serve the country and the folks , it may increase the blurry display by the blind

and misinformation, has caused check for the sincere and honest folks who work honestly their positions in multiplied of the provinces, at the same time it inclination not put a solution to the prevailing of corruption, which requires uncover the reality and to disclose the merits and the disunion of the wheat from the jeer, country is in a state of fiscal mismanagement and suffer from all the bureaucratic forms of immorality.

We must diagnose the illness and give an inkling of treatments objectively, not to raise additional noise dust Vngmt loyal efforts and become greater blind corrupt.


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07/10/2015 (00:01 pm) –

Abadi renewed his critical remarks of the Maliki government after the closed-means meeting with a representative reference

Karbala / lingering-Presse

Download Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, formerly again on the government of his precursor , Nuri al-Maliki blaming it of liability for the waste of public riches, and accused of mismanagement and courtesy to the suffering of the citizens. For the second time in one week Abadi waging a jarring criticism against his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki.

The draw in Abadi, on Tuesday, closed-door auditory with a representative of the conscientious authority in Karbala Ahmed net. A reporter (consort Press), said that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was held in individual of the hospital rooms guarantor closed-house meeting with a representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Ahmad Safi. This came for the time of his participation the opening of the Abbasid opening sponsor’s Hospital, in the governorate.

Ebadi related, in a speech during the chance of a hospital funded by the threshold Husseiniya in Karbala, and attended (rank Press), “The opening of the surety’s Hospital is accomplishing important at least as important as what you confer our security forces on the battlefield in the state of opposition against al-Dash, “and expressed his expectancy that” the contributing sponsor’s Hospital to get and treat the wounded from the sons of our warranty forces and popular crowd.
“In a akin development, he drew Abadi, that” the former government contributed to the general injure operations Iraqi funds and across the whole of the previous budgets, “noting that” the reasons during the term of sources of waste come from sterile management, organization and lack of participation by the previous government.

“He reported the prime minister that” there is a substantive problem in the Iraqi State Administration causing Petrhl year in the prior budgets, because of the policies adopted ~ dint of. the previous government and that caused decline and loss of public money.

“He distinguished the prime minister that” man has continually depends on the nature of his life adhering a certain pattern and style, that makes any process of change is surrounded ~ dint of. rejection and non-acceptance, “pointing fully that” there are ways and methods may have existence better than the previous ones adopted by the citizen as a basis in his dealings and the management of his or her retirement.

“uttered Abadi, that” the resistance and rejection faced by the reform processes arrive mostly by spoilers who know excessively well that if the application and implementation of correct packages will be affected as a be derived of these variables, “pointing out that” There are other mob deduced from reform because of the abuse perception that the change taken ~ dint of. the Iraqi government will cause mischief to their legitimate interests, which is not well and good. “Link

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