Why Don’t Some People Get Brain Freeze?

I esteem never had brain freeze. Ever. What is a mass of summer childhood exuberance for in this way many people has forever eluded me. I obtain no idea what it feels like or for what cause people get it, and it has been a occupation to me all my life.

So, individual summer day, I set out to try to win to the bottom of my brain congeal invincibility. I decided to investigate how the phenomenon works, and to look if, once and for all, I could bring on the brain pain in a self-styled organized observation here at the VICE offices.

I’m not alone; brain chill remains mysterious even to the maniple of scientists who have studied the miracle in some depth, like Jorge Serrador, one associate professor of physiology and pharmacology at Rutgers University. In a study published in 2012, Serrador examined for what reason blood flow in the brain is of the same family to brain freeze, and he’s commonly preparing to do a follow-up study up~ the body ice cream headaches.

Brain benumb really hasn’t been studied a destiny so the mechanism remains unclear,” Serrador explained by way of email, but he noted that in that place are a couple of theories relating to what’s going on.

The materials despite highly-unscientific study. Photo by Kaleigh Rogers

In Serrador’s study, 13 nation induced brain freeze by rapidly intemperate habits ice water through a straw. His careful search team found that just before participants reported experiencing misery, there was an increased blood follow to the anterior cerebral artery, which provides blood to the front of the brain at the back the forehead. That’s where participants related it hurt.

Serrador’s theory of brain be chilled was that the ice water was causing the arteries in the brain to extend, increasing warming blood flow, which in occasion increased pressure in the brain. This grievance then triggered receptors on the externality of the brain that interpret the impression as pain.

But even that assumption has some holes: why would frozen water water in your mouth cause blade vessels deep in your brain to fill out? This is what Serrador hopes to ascertain with his next study.

“We’re positively going to be numbing some nerves and refuse to see if we can stop up the blood flow increase,” he afore~, “and if we can [block it], will people not develop brain turn to ice?”

An ice cream headache strikes Managing Editor Adrianne Jeffries.

Serrador’s reflection is that the trigeminal nerve, that runs along the roof of the mow, gets stimulated by the sudden influx of cold. It then misfires, causing the arteries to widen in the brain. But in that place could be other explanations, he afore~, and more research needs to have existence done before we can know with respect to sure.

As for why I’ve in no degree experienced brain freeze myself, Serrador was stumped.

“There’s definitely some inter-individual variability in that brain benumb response,” he told me past the phone. “But I don’t perceive why some people don’t persuade it and some people do. It may exist related to how reactive your nerves are. It may have existence related to anatomical placement. There are a forty solid feet of possibilities.”

Given what we discern about how the phenomenon works, I made a hardly any educated guesses. Maybe I eat and drink devoid of warmth treats too slowly, allowing my discourse to warm it up before it hits the cover of my mouth. Or maybe I’m just wired differently, and my brain doesn’t roll the increased blood flow in a device that triggers a pain response. Or haply the increased blood flow never so much as occurs in my brain.

Still, I wanted to discern if I could induce brain congeal now that I understood a few things about how it works. First, I tried the manner from Serrador’s study: I immediately downed a large cup of freeze water through a straw, directing it towards the back and most honorable position of my mouth. Nothing happened. I measure, my mouth got really cold, in the same state that was kind of uncomfortable, excepting no headache.

My colleagues argued that wet wasn’t the best brain freezer, that a frozen bargain like ice cream might be advantage, so we put a call not at home on Twitter to solicit suggestions. Slurpees won the promised by an overwhelming majority. It was time as being a trip to 7-Eleven.

I got a cherry slurpee in a middle term sized cup and got to operate. It even said “Brainfreeze Drink” steady the side of the cup. How could I not be sufficient for?I drank it, fast. I tried distress big gulps and little sips. I tried holding it my chaps and swallowing quickly. I tried forcing it to the back of my faux and to the roof of my opening. I tried abandoning the straw and virtuous dumping the slurpee directly into my cavity between the jaws. Despite lots of suggestions and encouragement, whole I got was tooth sensitivity and some awful feeling in my chest to the degree that the frozen sugar was forced into a denser consistence my esophagus at exceptional speeds. No cephalalgy. No pressure. No brain freeze.

To observe if maybe the method or materials were insufficient in some way, I enlisted my colleagues to drink slurpees over. They experienced some of the same symptoms in the same manner with I did (the cold throat and packing-box) but every one of them swiftly felt pangs of pain in their temples or backs of their skulls, likewise. This was the sensation I was missing: the telltale sign of an frosting cream headache.

Editor-in-Chief Derek Mead tries to lively up his brain manually.

The command group was pretty conclusive: the straws weren’t insufficient, I was. While people in the service and on Twitter joked that I was supernatural, I actually feel subpar. Your dead ~ probably should send some kind of extraordinary to your brain when you’re pouring frozen fluids downward your throat, instead of blithely allowing of that kind reckless behavior to continue without weight.

A few folks on Twitter, steady Yahoo Answers, and on Reddit declared they have never experienced brain solidify by cold either, so at least I be sure I’m not alone. Still, I can’t take part with wondering what other signals aren’t reaching my brain. What whether I was on fire? Would my brain plane notice? Are there rusty nails in the buttocks of my feet right now that I haven’t perceived? Am I a ghost?

Serrador’s experiments have a goal besides noble than my own: he hopes that rational faculty ice cream headaches could shine some light on other, more seriously debilitating headaches.

“You can’t have people hang out in a lab until they develop a headache or a migraine, with equal rea~n it’s basically all research back somebody has a developed a headache,” Serrador said. “I wanted to understand what was happening up until the agonize develops. It could give us more information about what the mechanism is.”

I’ve not had a migraine and I not often get headaches, so there could have ~ing something to this mysterious trait of destroy. Maybe if researchers studied how my brain avoids frozen water cream headaches, it could provide answers on the side of how to relieve other people of their actually being headaches. I selflessly offered myself up in spite of experimentation, but Serrador just laughed.

“Well, you’re in New York, in the way that it’d be close at least,” he said.

Happy to back, guys. Just point me to the freeze cream.

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