Studying for a job I don’t really want?

Hello guys!
So I’m generally at uni studying pharmacology and I’ve been fortunate enough to get accepted on to each industrial placement this year before I get in front of back to studying full time nearest year. Here’s the catch. I’ve everlastingly been an artsy person and my goal in life has always been to act, whether it’s without ceasing screen or on stage. I take pleasure every aspect of performing and it’s every all time passion of mine. However when it came to choosing my A levels I adjusted for choosing something more stable for I know full well how hard it is to land a piece of work in any acting role but after this that I’m on my pertaining placement and experiencing what it’s malicious working in the pharmaceutical industry I solely compunction my decision to not pursue what I love. Has anyone got any advice in terms of how to influence started in a career in representation? who can I contact? any cheering agencies I can talk to? Just in like manner you know I am looking into taking acting classes and joining theatre groups put ~ the weekends and I am greatest in number definitely not wanting to go in to deed for wealth or fame.


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Updated: September 19, 2015

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