San Diego Engagement Photos: Alicia + Dan

Alicia and Dan were chiefly definitely meant to be.  They met from one side an online dating service and at last decided to meet up for lunch one day.  Alicia said that Dan gave her a fold in the arms as they greeted each other and she felt differently than she till doomsday had before, and knew that she was going to unite in marriage him. Dan fell hard and extravagantly for Alicia as well and they were contemporaneously every day after that.  Both labor in the medical field.  Alicia is a encourage and Dan is a Doctor of Pharmacology.  They live in Tucson, Arizona and are excited to officially sudden motion their lives together!  They desire be getting married in San Diego next year.  I personally can’t wait!

Alicia and Dan came to California in spite of the weekend to get some nuptial rites plans under way.  We scheduled their contract shoot at Ocean Beach.  Despite the elephantine crowds of people and the crock smokers, we were able to acquire wonderful pictures of the two.  Just since their smiles and faces proves in what condition much they adore each other.  Neither a fan of PDA and very uncomfortable in facade of a camera, you’d not know.  These two rocked their plighting session and made my job quiet.  Such fabulous evening!

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