Pumpkin-Apple Oatmeal & Exams Approach


Pumpkin-Apple Oatmeal (roll of paper down for the ingredients)

Hello aggregate!

This post is a little shorter than ordinary because we have our first form of exams next week and I require a ton of studying to achieve! I literally dreamed about drug names and neuroblastoma in conclusion night. Alas, I cannot even make studying during sleep.

Medical School Exams

During MS1, exam week meant any exam each day of the week. Even allowing we studied fairly consistently in the not many weeks before exams, everything became manifold times more intense as exams arrived. It was considerably taxing on the mind and material part :

Turbo-study over the weekend since the Monday exam.

Take the Monday exam. Immediately switch to studying notwithstanding the Tuesday exam.

Take the Tuesday exam. No time to rest for the reason that Wednesday’s test begins at 8am.

Take the Wednesday exam. Study study study.

Take Thursday exam. Surviving in successi~ three hours of sleep and a bajillion compotation of coffee by this point.

Drag yourself to campus individual last time and take the Friday exam.

Many of my classmates illustrious the end of exam week ~ the agency of going out to bars. Others went deficient in for lunch and ice cream. You be assured of which group I was in. 😉 After the festivities, it was time because a much needed nap, aka 16-twenty-fourth part of a day coma.

Now that we are MS2’s, exam week is a short different. This is our schedule in spite of Block 1:

Monday:  2-twenty-fourth part of a day Genetics & Human Development exam

Tuesday:  online Histopathology hoax

Wednesday:  Emergency Medicine (EM) feigning lab

Friday:  6-hour (that is not a typo) integrated Pathology + Pharmacology + Medicine exam

Here’s the sort of one of our professors had to speech about the Friday big bruiser: “You command walk out of that exam and you self-reliance think you are absolutely stupid.” Reassuring war of ~, huh?

Since this simulation lab is the pristine of the year, we are paired through a classmate (all subsequent sims are en solo). Our class has 33 students and the teams were arranged alphabetically, such guess who does not have a counterpart MS2 as a partner. I got paired through the retired general surgeon who runs the sim lab. Lol. Why cozen I suspect he is going to stand to the side and watch me flounder? Maybe because he told me (hopefully jokingly) he was planning to subsist completely ignorant during the simulation.

I am studying in the hospital library today, which is on the same floor because the obstetrics departments. During a study bankrupt, I met a very nice man of good breeding who was bursting with excitement on the eve the soon-to-be arrival of his foremost grandchild. His joy was contagious and reinvigorating. If at all of you medical students ever have the consciousness of being consumed and overwhelmed by school and its (ofttimes seemingly pointless) demands, do some shadowing or volunteering. Witnessing by what means medicine impacts patients and their families desire remind you of what lies remote from the mountain of textbooks and flashcards. 🙂

Pumpkin-Apple Oatmeal

Here is a super in good health oatmeal (is that redundant?) idea ~ the sake of you. It is perfect for the approaching cooler encounter and sustain. Who am I kidding? It is 90°F in accordance with duty now.

I never measure out ingredients by reason of oatmeal, so you will have to appliance your own discretion when making this. It’s oatmeal; it should have existence easy enough, right? Please don’t scorch your house down because of my incompetency to record recipes.


Pumpkin-Apple Oatmeal



milk or give ~ to

flax seed meal

pumpkin purée

apple, chopped




brown flatter (just a little)

honey (just a rain )



On medium-high impetuosity, heat the milk or water.

Add oats and flax descendants meal. Stir to mix.

After the oats take up some liquid, add pumpkin, apple, and raisins. Stir to be associated with.

Add cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sweeten. Stir some more.

Once the oats are cooked and to the desired consistency, drizzle on honey and sprinkle put ~ chopped pecans.


Have a wonderful weekend! I pleasure be holed up somewhere, cramming pharmacology. Fun fun!

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