“My first act”

Yesterday’s CoPhi point, free will, blended pretty seamlessly into the “molecules of excitement ” in Happiness. I posed a inquiry as to whether our ease and etc with the language of chemical content – dopamine, serotonin, oxytociun, re-uptake inhibitors and the like – didn’t mark some sort of surrender to a shape of mind that wouldn’t sanction belief in free will.
Does it pother you to think of your cheerfulness being governed by the “molecules of emotion”? Is this an objectionably reductive regular course of understanding subjectivity and the mean, or merely a strategically useful wield on one’s state of well-existence? Does it over-objectify experience, or involve a deterministic worldview at odds through your notion of free will? I couldn’t find anyone who admitted to any unease of this put together, or who really even understood the query. That might indicate excessive and misplaced touch on my part. Or, it potency just be a feather in the summit of neuroscience, and more evidence of its prosperity in planting a paradigm of want of hospitality to indeterminism.

Turning to a ~ amount abstract approach, I solicited practical intelligence for how to trip those cheerful-making molecules at will, as it were. We mouldiness believe that, at least, to exist a reasonable aspiration. Why else study the provisions of happiness, if not to learn their assiduity in everyday life? What other “interior work” could we be talking all over, when we talk about choosing felicity?

No one really came up through anything much beyond pharmacology, which anew reinforces the model of mind I notice problematically reductive. So we moved attached to discuss “rumination” and how it differs from of good health reflection. We chewed on that, most of us, while ambling about campus in the rays of tardily afternoon: always the best medicine.

The elucidation, it seems to me, remains the pre-existing concept of attention. When William James “just about touched bottom,” then pulled himself up ~ the agency of his and Charles Renouvier’s bootstraps, he was at filled attention.

“I think that yesterday was a pinch in my life. I finished the pristine part of Renouvier’s second Essais and notice no reason why his definition of ingenuous will — ‘the sustaining of a pondering because I choose to when I force have other thoughts’ — need exist the definition of an illusion. At ~ one rate, I will assume for the quick in emergencies — until next year — that it is no illusion. My first act of ingenuous will shall be to believe in sincere will.”  Is free will every illusion? I too assume it want not be. But let’s assume the option is yours.

6:30/6:39, 67/74

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