Cupcake, Clinical & Coffee. . OH MY!

“The weeks seems to urge by, but the weekend disintegrates faster.” 
~ a nursing drill students who needs a nap.
This week was singular, which is totally okay since this added the ‘engaging’ factor which the motivation-spark inside of me needed.

cookie cake monday

Sunday obscurity I went to sleep nineteen years antique and Monday morning, I woke up pair decades old. OMG WHAT? Where has my non-age gone?  Most of me wanted to stay young, like beneath the thresh hold of the 20’s; as every accomplishment seems to be added notable, grabbing more people’s attention, the junior one is.   
My grandmother made me a nice high-flatter cookie cake, and yes I did chew and swallow a piece along with my commencing PECAN PIE COFFEE my sister got from The Fresh Market viewed like a portion of my birthday present. . . yes, coffee and I are acquirement too close too quick.

 cupcakes, weights and nap day tuesday

It is suitable another one of those moments whither I realize how blessed I in sober earnest am.  I have been in nursing govern for a little less than three months; I own known my classmates {friends} for not so much than three months, but we are like a small family.  I mean, it is expected to swell attached to these ladies and gentlemen which time your life revolves what their life revolves in a circle: nursing school. Constantly in each other’s presence, we can’t help but turn to a mini family. 
One of my classmates friends brought cupcakes in put ~ Tuesday; although it is a trivial gesture, it meant a lot.  In shrill school, it was rare for friends of ruin to bring sweets as a solemnization.  It is a lovely fine ~ to be celebrated in such a manner, with three-month-long-friendships friends absolutely caring. 
*     *
My of great price friend {my lovely UNCP nursing scholar peer}, you are entering a ~ of battle that was made for you; you are going to have existence an outstanding nurse.  As we consider already learned, important characteristics of a genuine nurse include the desire to facilitate teamwork and the ability to subsist dedicated to others through being be moved with sympathy for and caring. We work so well unitedly, all of us; we have with haste become less and less like strangers and greater quantity and more like a functional group of genera working together though teamwork. I am in like manner thankful to have entered this nursing program at so a perfect time to be able to move the relationships I have thus almost.  The next three semesters testament be challenging, but I know I testament be able to get through it inasmuch as I am able to walk through it with our new-found parents and children.  Thanks for being my motivation, a pass by ~ to hold, a ear to attend, and a soul with whom to part laughs. Let our futures begin.

at the outset clinical day wednesday

“You can’t frighten me. I am a nurse – I influence paid to stab people with sagacious objects.”
Clinical day is always the sunshine for which I am most apprehensive.  I voluntarily am plucked wanting of my comfort zone and am dropped into the creation of nursing.  These days present the appearance to whiz by, and my apprehension is dissolved till the next week. 
Every clinical time, on my way to my clinical situation, I pray for a surprise from God; towards him to show me a strange mindset, grant me the ability to have existence more thankful or compassionate, for him to yield be to gain something while giving. This week, I gained a novel mindset, one to be positive in some situation, no matter how hard, for the reason that “there is always someone out there who has it worse off than me.” It is of the like kind a blessing to be able to walk into a part with sick and injured people, and have existence able to walk out with a tact of fullness. 

double test day thursday

Double test days aren’t because bad as everyone makes them with~ to be – I mean, they be able to be pretty sucky when a study inventory is not made and studying doe not happen over an extended whole of time before the day of the standard.  My double test day really turned out better than expected.
As my time to submit my support test drew near, tachycardia set in.  I miserly, never in my life had I been this distressed in submitting every exam. {Maybe the too much coffee had a thing to do with my fidgety and increased solicitude mood}  I closed my eyes, took a grave breath, and asked God to mollify me down.  I looked at a scarcely any of the questions about which I was constraining before finishing up my exam, changed single in kind answer, scrolled down to the base of my exam and clicked SUBMIT. Since we take the exam online, we win a grade instantly; when I saying the grade, my tachycardia turned into abscent-cardia. ‘How did that take place?’ rolled off my tongue. 
I supposition I had failed but I made my with most propriety grade yet.

So, if you perceive me, I turn red all the time. I ~ round red when I workout; I mould red when I laugh hard; I agitate red when I get frustrated; I pivot red when I get embarrassed; I direct red when I don’t be aware of what I am doing; I suppose you could say, red is a highroad of life. . my life.  In my nursing program, I am challenged to carry on things that are new to me, I am challenged to earn out of my comfort zone and have existence out of control.  Because of this, I bending red – and my great nursing kindred enjoy to point out how red I am, that in turn makes me only aptitude redder. 

pumpkin spice cafe au recent friday

I have fallen into a of the present day ritual.  After gym-time, I fit the local coffee shop and feast myself to a cup of coffee and brood back and study. Since libraries in Fayetteville are ‘ghetto,’ the coffee shop is ‘where it’s at’ in stipulations of studying Pharmacology.  Cafe Au Late has nimbly become my favorite cup of coffee, thus the past two weeks, I get asked to add a little flavoring to try something of recent origin. Last week was sugar free English Toffee, this ended week was pumpkin spice. 
What self-reliance next week be? The world may not at any time know. . well, until next week that is!

*     *     *

I’ve worked finished, done every diet, and all types of classes.

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