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Hey, in such a manner I’ll be heading off to a class camp today, but before that, blog course! Today’s blog tour stop is in spite of The Ripper Gene by Michael Ransom.

The Ripper Gene is a mystery starring Dr. Lucas Madden, a neuroscientist/FBI profiler who discovers matter called the Ripper Gene, a genetic change that makes some people predisposed to periodical killing. In the book, he’s called back to his hometown to hunt a murderer the press calls the Snow White Killer (SNK, while they call the killer). As the cover progresses, it becomes clear that this spoil is tied to Lucas’s infancy, and his mother’s murder.

First things primary, this book delivers on its engagement. The mystery is solid, and I was flipping serving-boy after page in order to discovery out what happened. There were adequate supply of twists and turns in the figment, but I never felt like it was unbelievable.

Now up~ the body to the other stuff. The capital theme of the book is (to me at smallest), something like “who determines our fate”? Are we a product of our genes, or hoax we have any free will? While Lucas Madden is some atheist, his father is a pastor. Obviously, the two see the nature very differently, and while his creator doesn’t appear that much, it did bring together the question of predetermination vs frank-will. Bear in mind, this short dissertation is brought up very strongly towards the expiration of the book. I didn’t exercise the mind it was preachy though.

As because characters, well, I liked Lucas, and didn’t come by why his estranged from his kindred (and why it’s his delinquency). It’s pretty obvious that he’s the “wicked sheep” of sorts, but I slip on’t get why he’s getting blamed for so much. I average, for example, early in the book, Lucas was called by his brother’s girlfriend, who was absolutely his girlfriend but she cheated put ~ Lucas with his brother before they broke up. Turns aloud, she was kidnapped (don’t worry, this doesn’t waste anything major), and she accused Lucas of inmost nature the perpetrator (she’s not up~ in the head). But, in the hospital spectacle when the family visits, his brother profligate his temper pretty quickly, yet was described has having held with~ an olive branch. That, I didn’t get. What as Lucas supposed to apologise beneficial to? His estrangement with his father I breed, but not the brother.

Overall, I positively liked this book. The mystery kept me engaged, and I definitely longing to read more adventures starring Lucas Madden (and equal profiler Woodson). Hopefully this will have ~ing the first in a series.

About The Ripper Gene:

A neuroscientist-turned-FBI-profiler discovers a genetic signature that produces psychopaths in The Ripper Gene, a thrilling debut fictitious narrative from Michael Ransom.

Dr. Lucas Madden is a neuroscientist-turned-FBI profiler who elementary gained global recognition for cloning the ripper gene and showing its dysfunction in the intellect of psychopaths. Later, as an FBI profiler, Madden achieved more distant notoriety by sequencing the DNA of the globe‘s most notorious serial killers and proposing a polemical “damnation algorithm” that could predict periodical killer behavior using DNA alone.

Now, a recently made known murderer-the Snow White Killer-is terrorizing women in the Mississippi Delta. When Mara Bliss, Madden’s previous fiancée, is kidnapped, he must chase down a killer who is at all times two steps ahead of him. Only by entering the killer’s mind give by ~ Madden ultimately understand the twisted and terrifying explanation behind the murders-and have a turn up at ending the psychopath’s dominions of terror.

About the Author:

MICHAEL RANSOM is a molecular pharmacologist and a recognized expert in the fields of toxicogenomics and pharmacogenetics. He is widely published in scientific journals and has edited multiple textbooks in biomedical scrutiny. He is currently a pharmaceutical executive and an adjunct professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Raised in rural Mississippi, he now makes his home in north New Jersey. The Ripper Gene is his earliest novel.

The Ripper Gene [Forge Books / Macmillan] is advantageous on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and in brick-and-mortar bookstores across North America.

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