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3 weeks ~ne I was sitting in JFK airport, feet without interrupti~ my luggage and head on a neck pillow, staying for Tylor to come back by some much needed Dunkin Donuts. This was the last time I would enjoy the experience of America before heading back to St. Maarten in favor of the next 4 months to break ground 4th semester. The humidity of the isle had reset my natural thermo-sufferance and I zipped up my hoodie in every attempt to hide from the prickly appearance conditioning. My fellow Vermonters would have ~ing so ashamed.

I was in the midst of an AUC airport reunion, surrounded by my fellow doctors in training. Many I had in no degree seen before, assumed to be before anything else semester students and eager to stand extinguished from the hoard. I became immature with envy listening to nearby discussions of 5th semester students, thus close to freedom from the island and anxious to begin their stateside clinical instruction. I would do anything to ~ over this infamous 4th semester and exist in their position.

How was my break do you ask? Way too abruptly. My days home were filled through rugged expeditions and backyard BBQs, followed through nights of stargazing and chess – activities I rarely (if ever) enjoy on the isle. Life, for a brief period in time, was carefree and wonderful.

Golding Family cover album

Golding Family cover album

The Golding's Conquer Mt. Mansfield - The tallest peak in Vermont!

The Golding’s Conquer Mt. Mansfield – The tallest summit in Vermont!

A Smooch on Lake Champlain

A Smooch on Lake Champlain

My Godson Bear Harding!

My Godson Bear Harding!

As you be possible to imagine, it gets harder and harder to return to medical school and bury my nose in the books. Now I gain a new(ish) terror on the horizon – the Step 1 exam! I’ll subsist taking it in less than a year and I’m other nervous than a porcupine in a balloon mill – or something like that. Technically I’ve been studying on account of it all this time, but I’m hushed petrified that I’m skimming by crucial details that might just come in sight in a question stem.

Fourth semester is enormously difficult. Here’s what my record looks like so far:

6:20: cease from sleep up and take my Brutie Tootie on the ~side for a walk

8:00 – 9:20: Pathology II

9:30 – 10:30: Pharmacology

10:40 – 11:30: Neurology

~ 11:30 – 1:00: Lunch/Nap/Break

1:00 – 3:50: Study

4:00 – 5:00: Gym

5:00 – 6:00: Dinner

6:00 – 10:00: Study and lungs out by 10:00pm sharp!

It’s been a week seeing that our first Block Exam and remarkable the whole ordeal went down readily. I knew pharmacology was going to kick my push so I made sure to stay on top of my notes and ended up condensing everything of the drugs onto 4 well-established pages. There had to be at smallest 200 to remember and not and nothing else did you have to know their functions, nevertheless how they interacted with other drugs for example well. The pharmacological exam was a nightmare, but in the end I was vain-glorious of my score. For Neurology, I only missed one question (Woo Woo!) mete I really need to work forward Pathology now. I’m embarrassed, I meditation after last semester I was a pathology buzzing!

Anyway, things are looking up and I be possible to finally see the end of the subterranean passage. Of course, I still have a a ~ time way to go until I obtain the ol’ MD behind my reputation, but as far as the first-in-a-book part of my therapeutic school journey, it all seems to learn easier after 4th semester. That’s that which I’ve heard anyway.

As according to now, I’ll study some elegant without grandeur cool stuff in one of the greatest number beautiful places in the world, by my man and my dog ~ dint of. my side. Life isn’t in such a manner bad.

Smiles 🙂


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