Almost the end of an era

Next Tuesday is the promised time when my 15,000 word English Literature treatise is due in, which means finishing four years of studying at universal school! I studied English Literature with Creative Writing taken in the character of an undergraduate and I have for the most part finished a Masters in English Studies. Where that time has gone, I answer not know, but they have been four strange years.

My Masters dissertation is called ”Fo(u)r Women’: British fertile poetry of the Second World War’. Interpret the foremost part of the title how you like, but my dissertation is certainly dedicated to four women who wrote poetry during World War II. These women are Vera Bax, Alice Coats, Wrenne Jarman and Sylvia Read. They are not that well-known ~ the sake of various reasons, the main one heart that the British soldier poets of the First World War established the genre of war metrical composition, such as Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brookes.

I am check unsure about studying a PhD. It is a inflated commitment for at least three years and you destitution to be very passionate about the subject you are researching into. Once you accept a PhD, then your career command certainly be in academia for the rest of your life. This is for what cause I am not studying one perpendicular after finishing my Masters. I ~iness a break from studying, as plenteous as I have enjoyed it, goal I also want to explore careers that I am partial in which do not require a PhD, in the same state as publishing, copywriting and editing.

My current design for the following year is to swallow back to working as a list of items taker for undergraduate students, part-time suppose that I find another job to moil alongside or full-time if not. I truly enjoyed the job during the exceeding academic year, as I learnt a division from subjects including Psychology, Pharmacology, Law and Business Studies. One attractive thing that I learnt from Psychology is that it takes at in the smallest degree three attempts to really change a temperament for the better, such as smoking and dieting. I be under the necessity found this to be true by dieting and changing my lifestyle.

I wrote a blog a hardly any months back about the pressure that the junior generations face today concerning life plans and sweep choices. I am still not letting it pother me that I do not know what I want to do through my life. Like I’ve mentioned, I absence to explore different careers, which resources flexibility and not wanting to subsist tied down to one career/passage. It could be the case that I be inclined miss studying next year and I close up doing a PhD the following year; who knows that which the future holds.

I do be under the necessity an idea in mind for a PhD. One woman in my disquisition who has intrigued me the greatest number is Wrenne Jarman,  because she was a real prolific writer of her time, besides she is not known in contemporaneous literary studies. One of my favourite poems by her is called ‘Letter to Claudia’, what one. is a powerful feminist poem on the eve a mother called Claudia who has corrupt her son in the Second World War. If I was to study a PhD, I would set apart it to Wrenne Jarman, as she has a al~ment of fantastic poetry which is excellent of recognition.

If there is united thing that I know I power of choosing be doing in the future, it is blogging! I am enjoying the blogging continued so far and I’ve seen myself disclose as a result. I enjoy version other people’s blogs and very often feel inspired. Thank you to everyone according to your ongoing support.

Happy reading and blogging!

Many acknowledgments ,

Clare Bear


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