A Chat with PT Jennifer Janowski

Jennifer Janowski. Photo Credit: AthleticoJennifer Janowski. Photo Credit: Athletico

Today we kind reception someone who has taken great leaps in the PT expanse in her career thus far, Andrews University DScPT program alum, Jennifer Janowski.

Where are you from?

Chicago, Illinois. I act for an orthopedic outpatient company and by a professional ballet company.

Why did you decide to go into physical therapy?

I tore my ACL in great school playing soccer and spent numerous company hours as a patient.  I loved that a material therapist is a medical professional that is adroit to build a solid relationship with their patient in addition to helping them remedy.

Why did you decide to increase an advanced degree in physical therapy?

I was bored with continuing education classes and was not challenging myself of the same kind with a clinician.  After taking my in the ~ place NAIOMT class with Kathy, I realized that the advanced standing was exactly what I was considering in order to change my constant exercise. Now I have even more goals during the time that a professional and would like to enlighten in some capacity in the subsequent time.  The DScPT will help bring to knowledge doors towards this goal.

Why did you elect the Andrews University program?

The DScPT program has in this way many supplemental classes to an orthopedic material therapist.  Being challenged in menses specific to manual therapy, radiology, study, pharmacology, and differential diagnosis really helped me sift patient cases with other healthcare professionals.  Classes so as educational methods and spirituality in opposition to the healing professional have helped me farther my compassion for patients.

What has your actual observation been like so far?

Challenging, educational, and fancy-provoking.  I have met frequent new friends and other professionals that are doing astounding things in their career.  The professors are evermore willing to help me succeed.  I at present have a network of other motivated material therapists that want to improve physical therapy as a profession.

What aforethought would you give to prospective students?

When you begin the program, really lay out every one of of your credits and create a reliable academic plan on what courses/credits you process to complete during each semester.  Ideally cement to this plan.  If a thing comes up in life and you be in want of to restructure your academic plan, journey sure you reach out to quality for help.  Always put yourself and loved ones primeval prior to your education in law to maintain your happiness.

What was it well-nigh AU that drew you in?

When you are up in Berrien Springs, Michigan you are placed in some environment that allows you to converging-point on your education.  Since Berrien Springs is a pacify, rural environment, I was able to transplant myself from the fast-paced, deafening city life and dedicate my intensity to my education and improving myself of the same kind with a physical therapist.

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