Worried About High Triglycerides?

By Dr. Mercola

One in four Americans from one to another the age of 40 is generally taking a statin drug under the chimera that it will decrease their jeopardize for heart disease.

Dr. David Diamond is a neuroscientist with a PhD in biology. He’s moreover a Professor of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology, and Physiology at the University of South Florida and a Research Career Scientist at the Tampa VA Hospital.

He ended up investigating the two diet and statins as a outcome of having to address issues by his own health, and his conclusions are actual different from the current status quo in drug.

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Why Low-Fat Diets Are Ill Advised in the place of Those at High Risk for Heart Disease

Fifteen years ~ne, when applying for life insurance, Dr. Diamond discovered he was at done against the state risk for heart disease. It surprised him, being of the kind which he’d been in good soundness, even though he’d gained near 20 pounds over the course of 15 years, and he had in ~ degree family history of heart disease.

“When I looked at the common ancestry test results, I saw why [I was placed in the overbearing risk category],’ he says. ‘Triglycerides are recommended to have existence below 150 and even preferably in time 100. My triglycerides were stratospheric at 750.

My luxuriously-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is called the ‘favorable cholesterol’ and which you’d like to have existence above 40 or 50, was on the point 20 to 25.

That combination of extremely verging on taint triglycerides and very low HDL impose me at about a 15 spells greater risk for heart attack compared to someone with optimal lipids.

I really believed this was some anomalous blood test. I figured I would performance more – and I’ve exercised the whole of my life – and follow the recommended American Heart Association (AHA) diet, in such a manner I cut back on my fat.

In six months, I figured, everything would subsist back to normal. But after six months, the song were the same.”

He admits actuality completely ignorant of nutrition. The single thing he “knew” was that saturated profitable is bad for you, that it causes purpose diseases, and

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