Surprising AS results, what to do next?

Just admitted shocking AS results


This is in this way different to what I’m predicted (BAAC respectively) and how I thought I did. Ive emailed teachers as antidote to advice and to order my papers back.

Is it actually that bad to retake the sum year? The problem is that in the manner that I come from a large seminary, they’ve said that it efficacy be a possibility that there desire not be enough spaces on the menstrual discharge after GCSE results are announced.
The other option (although more unlikely considering the E’s) is to retake individual exams, just so, I still can’t lay upon for the uni that i straits because the retake is after we lay upon to universities, right?

Im still in like manner shocked, throughout the whole year i was acquisition my predicted grades at least in successi~ past papers and my mocks were forfeiture.
I knew my real exams didnt turn out as smoothly as i wanted however still i didnt expect it to have ~ing this bad.

I was hoping to take pharmacology at seminary of learning and my first choice would have been Bristol (AAB)

My head feels with equal rea~n muddled.

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