Summer Synopsis of Final Grades and Beginning of M2 Year!

Even however it is now technically “M2 Year – Fall”, this bequeath be my last post under “M2 Year – Summer Semester”. So posterior finishing all of my classes up, title up to South Carolina for my groomsman duties at my friend’s wedding with my girlfriend, having a kind time, then conquering a marathon propel back, and missing my first epoch of M2 Fall semester and my ~ and foremost duties as a peer mentor, I officially began my primary day of my M2 Fall semester today. But rudimentary, to put a bow on this summer semester.

Pre-Med Science Review: Pass, 6 credit hours.

No authoritative grades, just pass/fail completing of a bond modules and emailing them a self-make fun of you performed.

Radiology: 96% overall, 1 credit hour. Unsure of curve.

Exam #1: 96%, notwithstanding we weren’t given the exam furrow, just the final grade, so I don’t understand my actual score. I bet I did well, it may be a 92% and a 4% bend. if I was to guess.

Pathology: 82% overall, 2 credit hours. 3% bend..

Exam #1: 84%

Exam #2: 73.3333%

Pharmacology: 76% overall, 2 credit hours. 9% (!!!) curve.

Exam #1: 62.7%

Exam #2: 70.7%

M2 Summer Semester GPA: 82.4% (therapeutical school career high)

Overall GPA: 80.29%

Important Note: I noticed that grades that are .5 or in a high place ARE rounded up. So technically you poverty a 69.5% to pass. For archetype, my pharmacology grade was a 66.7%, and with a 9% curve became a 75.7%, what one. they rounded up to a 76%. So having a decimal characteristic greater than .5 can mean a total point up! I also learned they like to curve the averages of courses to each 80% or 81%, although somebody said in pharmacology they curved to one 85%!

So I did pass pharmacology in the rear of all! I realized that I reckoning below the average, but not in the same state low below average that I usually can’t scrape by and not be one of those who in truth. fails. This summer was tough and certainly took a hap of energy and effort, but not un-doable. I’m joyful to knock that out and officially (that station was kind of murky before) have ~ing an M2! Final thoughts: if you have effect to radiology and pay attention a fragment and study a bit, you decree pass. In pathology, make sure to comprehend the stuff they tell you notwithstanding the first exam and do well in successi~ that one because the second common is harder, especially because people crammed it in common night after taking the pharmacology conclusive. Not too bad overall though. Pharmacology is a doozy notwithstanding that. Focus effort on that for certain. Don’t despair, keep working, and chance of the desired end that big curve comes through.

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