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The above semblance is one of a signpost, indicating the term of the street and pointing in its order. It is one of the useful packages the immediate past administration in Lagos body politic was able to churn out, similar that when a stranger’s going to someplace because the first time, he/she doesn’t exigency to ask too many questions taken in the character of the bold inscription helps to store up one on the right path.

Alas! That’s a different picture of the same signpost, untrue flat on the ground, ultimately serving its purpose none more. A stranger to this road would then have to ask questions in the van of he/she can get to his/her destination.

What could consider caused it to fall? Perhaps a actual heavy wind in conjunction with a huge storm. Perhaps also, it wasn’t deep rooted in the ground, or a unmindful driver just drove from nowhere and reach it to the ground. It’s extremely obvious that it cannot remain the like again.

It’s not my street though, but I have to undergo through it to get to under~, meaning it once showed me the scheme. I tried lifting it up any day, but apart from the act that it was heavy and needed specific reinforcement and I could never wish done it myself anyway, some work~ owners around saw me and laughed asking wherefore I didn’t let sleeping dogs malicious and that those who fixed it in that place in the first place would approach lift it up if they deemed spasm.

‘’In this Nigeria?’’ I borrowed a call I got while watching Nollywood’s ‘Last volley to Abuja’

I don’t exercise the mind so. I brushed my palms against each other smiling at the women, slowly arrival to the realization that ‘’who ~ forth me message sef, I have Katzung’s Pharmacology clause on my table at home itching for me to carry it and I went to carry……mtchew! I hissed and walked absent.

After my ‘waka-waka’ that light of ~ and I got back home in the close of the day, whilst in the shower, I recalled the stint I almost pulled and smiled afresh, asking myself what could have prompted me to cook that. Almost at the same time, I remembered a passage in the Bible that I tried belonging the event to.

That’s 1 Corinthians 9:27 ‘’But I stronghold under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest by any means, when I esteem preached to others, I myself should subsist a cast away.

The signpost, at single in kind point or the other, showed the direction of motion to those who didn’t discern their way, but now lies adhering the ground as a cast absent.

As Christians too, we have been poised with the task of sharing the gain news. That is, we are tasked to divulge the way to those who are napping.


However, it’s disheartening and not too good to see or hear of for what cause a vibrant, faithful and committed slave of God have fallen by the wayside. I freshly re-connected with an old subordinate school friend on Facebook who was in that case the President of the JSS piece of the School’s fellowship. I went through his photos and it was to the time when two other friends had confirmed it judgment I agreed he was the person, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I remembered in what way disappointed he used to be back therefore, when instead of me to wait concerning fellowship after Friday classes, I would in the room run off to the field to caper football. Now, what he has turned to, I could at no time have imagined. He’s not been replying my messages for~ since I told him we needed to use for conversing. I pray he turns back to the rectilinear path before it’s too slow. Amen.

But that’s by the mode. I said earlier that a call over of factors could result in the signpost falling to the nonplus; heavy winds with a great wild accompaniment, a careless driver ramming his car into it, or a wrong of those who didn’t make firm it well ab initio.

Same could betide to a ‘’before face to face with Christian’’. Perhaps, he/she underwent a remarkably turbulent period and couldn’t carry the storm and then fell. Or, he/she got stuck in the structure of the wrong company and carelessly allowed their ways of life to predominance him/her until the fall.

But the sheer problem actually, is poor foundation. I believe if the signpost had been powerfully fixed and established in the account, it would be able to oppose any type of trouble. It would remain firm.

The Bible also supports that. Proverbs 24:10(KJV) ‘’If thou cowardly in the time of adversity, thy force is small.’’

MSG rendering put it as ‘’If you cadence to pieces in times of push, there wasn’t much to you in the principal place. Thus, if a Christian isn’t fixed firmly in Christ, such a person is susceptible to falling.

I tried fixing the signpost back. But it wasn’t in posse and probably that’s how it would be durable to rot away. Same with of the like kind Christians, it’s almost an arduous task to try to draw them from the spacious road back to the narrow road. It’s even possible that someone they once preached to, would be the some trying to clean up their messy life. Yes, the signpost one time showed me the way and I tried to degree of elevation it up after it fell.

By God’s love we won’t fall, and toward those that have, God himself would prepare them back to himself. Amen.

Let’s conscientious try to establish ourselves more and further in God’s word, so we won’t be shaken by the world when it brings its storms.

Also, Christ uttered we should ‘Watch and pray’ for the cause that ‘our adversary the devil walketh up and on the ground seeking whom to devour’


‘’….whereas I have preached to others, I myself should exist a castaway.’’

May it not have ~ing our lot by His grace.

Amen. Continue to part the word too.


Jesus’ kid.

Therefore it has better effect adhering relieving pain than diclofenac sodium.

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