Semester Three–It Begins

I’m common day away from beginning third semester.

I recipient in May 2016.

It’s been a nimble summer; I completed two online catamenia to progress in pursuing my BSN, and thankfully earned A’s. I in like manner had a “medical” summer with a decisive diagnosis and treatment of the knee problems I bemoaned c~ing all last year. Turned out to have existence a simple tracking issue, and following three hefty injections under my knee parallel, I am more or less cured.

I moreover had my wisdom teeth out, that turned out to be the therapeutical disaster of 2015, with dry socket and taint.

I briefly dated someone, but that ended stingily as soon as it began formerly I realized how incompatible we candidly were. It still sucks, though. Break ups at all times do.

I worked full-time forward a med-surg unit and am truly incredibly grateful for such a awe-inspiring, challenging, educational experience.

At academic advising in c~tinuance Thursday, my advisor told me this is reportedly the ut~ difficult semester yet. Upon inquiry, I was told that added is expected from a third semester learner, knowledge is to be already a given (ie: they’re not education you what you should already apprehend) and my skill set is taken up a indentation with more acute care.

The primitive eight-ish weeks of the semester are mental health, a course in which I require absolutely no background in, There’s likewise advanced pharmacology and then later forward, in October, advanced concepts of med-surg.

Initial thoughts are a) trepidation of failure b) fear of the without the knowledge of. I go through this every semester, and in this manner far, I’ve successfully convinced myself total throughout that I am going to be wanting to. There’s no other way to be directed at it. I am the to come Miss Nursing School Failure. (Have I mentioned that I’m neurotic?)

Clearly, my reliance in God is lacking, because likewise though He’s brought me this to a great distance, I doubt He’ll continue in successi~ in His faithfulness. (Awesome).

I current multiple grants and scholarships, so it looks like I’ll have ~ing graduating with no debt, which is unreal.

I’ll be house sitting conducive to third semester for $200 a month (any other answered prayer) and hopefully having one abundance of time to devote to my studies.

I cannot exactly get the start of what this semester holds. I’m merited ready to jump in and (hopefully) ~ away.

Off we go.

I’m by and the experiences we share in those places and seasons, and for what reason we handles our failures and setbacks of the same kind with much as our successes and progress.

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