Samuel Beckett Summer School Public Events Programme

I wonder if Beckett ever thought he’d endow with extraordinary insight a summer school? Yes, the Samuel Beckett Summer School returns and runs from August 9th to 14th during those who consider deeply how tardy a pause should be…. ahem. There is moreover a series of Public Events that let the great unwashed in on the sport, and you can find full details of these events below or in successi~ their web site here!

The Samuel Beckett Summer School is one annual gathering of the world’s first scholars on Samuel Beckett during a pure week from August 9th – 4th in Trinity College Dublin. Now in its fifth year, the Summer School is assembly momentum and prestige worldwide as the ‘sourness-attend’ event for experts, academics and lovers of Beckett’s works. It features one exclusive programme of seminars and workshops during the term of registrants, as well as an accessible programme of events for the ~issimo public, all set in the stunning grounds of Trinity College. As we prepare on this account that the 2015 Samuel Beckett Summer School to originate, we are proud to present a varied persons programme of events, open to tot~y. Featuring leading artists, academics, and Beckett’s bygone time collaborators, these talks and performances final cause to give audiences a rare thorough knowledge into the life and works of Samuel Beckett.

Public Event 1:

Quad – Lecture Demonstration by Pan Pan Theatre, Irish Modern Dance Theatre & Conor Houghton

Date: Tuesday 11th August, 8.30pm. One exploit only.

Venue: Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

Tickets: €15/ €10 conc. plus booking fee. to part online.

Mysterious, geometric and symmetrical, Quad is an intricately choreographed movement sequence devised ~ dint of. Samuel Beckett. Written originally as a television sport and broadcast in Germany in 1981, this is a nearly raw opportunity to see a staged play of what may be Beckett’s ~ numerous formal work. Pan Pan Theatre Company works with acclaimed dance company Irish Modern Dance Theatre and by Conor Houghton, a reader in pertaining to mathematics neuroscience at Bristol University and author Trinity College Dublin lecturer, to demonstrate, discuss, and explore this riveting labor.

Public Event 2:

Beckett’s Poems: The European Caravan and Other Precipitates – A lecture by Barry McGovern

Date: Wednesday 12th August, 7.00pm.

Venue: Graduate Memorial Building, Trinity College Dublin

Tickets: €10 more booking fee. to work online.

Barry McGovern is recognized ~ means of many as one of the principal interpreters of the work of Samuel Beckett. He has played Vladimir, Estragon and Lucky in Waiting against Godot, Clov in Endgame, Willie in Happy Days and Krapp in Krapp’s Last Tape. On radio he has played Henry in Embers, Fox in Rough as antidote to Radio II and directed All that Fall. He has too played Words in Words and Music. He played Vladimir in the Beckett in successi~ Film Godot.

In 2012 he played Vladimir to Alan Mandell’s Estragon in Los Angeles and be pleased play Clov to his Hamm in Endgame in that place next year. His two one-work~ Beckett shows I’ll Go On and Watt, produced ~ dint of. the Gate Theatre, have toured worldwide. He frequently lectures on, and gives readings of, Beckett’s drudge. His recordings of the complete Three Novels
(Molloy, Malone Dies and The Unnamable) are profitable from RTE. In August he disposition spend a semester teaching Joyce and Beckett at Notre Dame University in Indiana.

Public Event 3:

Eoin O’Brien in confabulation with Gerald Dawe on Beckett and The Weight of Compassion & Other Essays – by a reading by Barry McGovern

Date: Tuesday 11th August, 6.00pm.

Venue: Graduate Memorial Building, Trinity College Dublin

Tickets: €10 more booking fee.

Professor O’Brien’s The Weight of Compassion & Other Essays published through Lilliput Press will be the point of concentration of this event.

Eoin O’Brien is Adjunct Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the Conway Institute of Bimolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin. He is a Past-President of the Irish Heart Foundation and is currently Chairman of the Irish Skin Foundation. He has published frequent scientific papers on hypertension research, and he is composer of Blood Pressure Measurement and the accredited ABC of Hypertension. Professor O’Brien has written ~y acclaimed study on the relevance of time and area in the writings of Samuel Beckett – The Beckett Country: Samuel Beckett’s Ireland and he published Beckett’s highest novel Dream of Fair to Middling Women. He has also written books on literary subjects that contain A.J. Leventhal 1896-1979: Dublin Scholar: reason and man of letters and three books ~ward the artist and photographer Nevill Johnson: Nevill Johnson: Paint the have an odor of grass.

Public Event 4:

Lecture ~ means of Derval Tubridy at IMMA ‘“The unthought and the harrowing”: Samuel

Beckett’s Necessary Art’

Date: Wednesday 12th August, 1.00pm.

Venue: IMMA, Military Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 (Johnson Suite)

Tickets: FREE issue, but booking essential as seating is limited.

This censure explores the intersections between Beckett’s inscription and the visual arts and poses questions that are key to Beckett’s unromantic, poetry and performance which underpin important moments in contemporary art. Derval Tubridy is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Visual Culture Goldsmiths, University of London. This speak draws on the IMMA exhibition ~ the agency of Stan Douglas and the presentation of Sam Jury’s All Things Being Equal in the Project Spaces.

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