Retaking A-Levels or accepting uni offer or Deferring? (Portsmouth uni Offer )

I apprehend there’s a lot of threads by the same topic but I’m really confused about where I wanna make progress and i haven’t seen anything in my office directly. I received my A aim results Thursday and got BDD (disappointing results), in Psychology – B, Chemistry – D, and Biology – D. I got ~y offer form the University of Portsmouth notwithstanding Pharmacology, but i was keen put ~ doing Pharmacy instead.

I have been told routes of that kind as doing the Pharmacology course and sooner or later applying for Pharmacy after first year (granted i complete 60%?). However with this, my a on a par results will still be considered and they aren’t self-same good at all.

Another route is completing the Pharmacology behavior and then doing a Pharmacy master.

Another passage is also i have been given the suitable to defer till 2016 for the sort course next year which may in addition give me a chance to retake an figure out if the uni and the methodical arrangement itself is right for me in the manner that i don’t want to ravage a year on something I’m not shrewd on.

I was just wondering whether it would subsist worth retaking some modules or to accept the offer as i know more people are in a worse away position than me. Also if anyone has attended this uni or terminated Pharmacology or Pharmacy that could acquaint me in course differences and course of action differences etc …

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