Reports: Scientific novel nano drug, specific killer tumor cells!

Recently, a study in the Journal Reports Dalhousie, researchers at Scientific medicinal school, developed a new way of delivering chemotherapy drugs. Using nano technology, the of the present day drug delivery system is only in tumefaction cells to release the drug, by that means protecting healthy cells from damage. The careful search was published in the Journal Reports Scientific.

Dr. Puvvada Naga, a blogger at New Brunswick Dalhousie (DMNB), invented the deaden with narcotics delivery system. He collaborated with Brunt DMNB, Keith, and researchers in the United States and India to disclose the new system.

The team has designed a nano grain that can increase the amount of chemotherapy drugs delivered to the tumor cells, and only release chemotherapy drugs not above the tumor cells. This reduces the shock of health organizations to a minimum.

Tumor cells produce a high condition of acid, which can activate the nanoparticles, in this wise allowing them to enter the tumefaction cells, the release of drugs. When nano particles freedom the drug, its color will vary, that is, the light conversion. This light conversion can help researchers understand in what way many chemotherapy drugs have been released, and consider the same the presence of a tumor.

“We design originality is fluorescent bright conversion potential clinical possibility of change of form, because it helps to detect chemotherapy mix with ~s release. “Dr. Puvvada said. “We resoluteness still have a lot of act to do before this technology is used in the clinic because the current fluorescence can’t subsist detected by CTs or MRIs. This is our next step. “

Although the study is carried confused on human breast cancer cells, the technology has the in posse to be used in any impenetrable tumor.

“Although this new drug pronunciation system is still in its in good season stages, it is promising to be proper for a method of individual treatment as far as concerns patients. “Dr. Brunt, assistant professor of pharmacology. “This mark to good, and can detect unsalable article release amount of treatment, there is the in posse to improve the quality of life of patients by solid tumors, the overall effect of their equitable around the corner. “

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