pre-employment pharmacology test at St. Barnabas Hospital (Bronx ny)

I place of safety’t personally taken that test, if it be not that the one I did have to take while part of nursing orientation included comparatively simple things- none of that pesky converting grains into other measurements (in earnest- does any single provider place orders in grains ever?). More like to what degree would you program this pump to discharge this med as ordered? How a great deal of of this provided medication would you engage up to give the ordered does? How great number vials of this med do you poverty to remove from the Pyxis to give this med?- this was the trickiest, in the manner that most people put how much would subsist drawn up and not the performance that you needed to remove 2 replete vials from the Pyxis.

License, what one. permits both personal and commercial employment.

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